Kanata no Astra: Logical Failure

If I had watched this anime five years ago I might have loved it. But times change and people change and I for example too spoiled to just shut my brain and enjoy. ‘a curse’ I would like to think. Let me tell you one thing, Kanata no Astra is not a bad anime and I think it is pretty good passable anime. However, there are some glaring problem with the characters and the story. But I am not here today for your typical plot, character’s, pacing kind of talk, I am gonna talk about the Logical Problems of Kanata no Astra or simple things that defy the common sense, so to speak.

Think for example that in the game of thrones Jon is attacked by ice zombies on the other side of the wall and Danny reaches there just in the nik of time with her dragon flown all the way from Dragonstone in few hours to save Jon, It sounds ridiculous, isn’t it. Or if Bronn is given the Reach without any rightful claim, the most wealth kingdom without any opposition from nobles there. Even though, given what we know of the medieval period there is probably a successor to Tyrells who would have better claim. Or Bran sits on the Iron Thron without a claim and being unable to produce an heir and that too without anyone opposing the idea, I mean c’mon this is Game of Thrones we are talking about, Oh!

So we will dive straight into the Logical Problems of Kanata no Astra.

1. Destruction of Earth by an asteroid.

There is 300km wide is going to hit earth in eight years and what brilliant minds think as a solution?

“Well that asteroid is going the kill us all better run away” – Some scientist with a mustache probably.

I mean are you serious. I can guarantee you that if tomorrow we found out that an asteroid is going to hit the earth in 8 years, even if it is 300km wide, I can assure you that there is 90% chance that we are going to survive as there are many ways to divert its path, like I don’t know by nuking it? (As long as it is not made of multiple rocks)

What doesn’t make sense that in the world of Astra there are technologies like FTL, Wormhole which is capable of moving the entire population and heavy machinery. Why then this advance civilization is not capable enough to divert this asteroid’s path? Why not create a huge wormhole which can transport the whole asteroid into the sun. Or if you are not able to power those large wormholes just send thousands of astronauts to chip it away using the smaller ones or simply throw a thousand spaceships at it (Who have infinite fuel by the way) to change its direction. Or you know, do it the Merica way and deliver the thousand nuke freedom packages which would convince it to change direction.

Either this human race is incompetent or stupid and doesn’t deserve to survive.

2. Concealing history is Stupid.

The show puts it in this way ‘nations, religions and human divisions caused the war and nearly wiped out humanity, so we removed these concepts to have a peaceful world’. I would ask, Who created the idea of nations, religions or any other human divisions. Well of course we did. Forgetting history would mean that you are bound the repeat what you did because you have no knowledge of what would work and what would not without any reference. In the end, we are humans we are bound to make mistakes. By concealing history this new world order has made sure that in the future same war would occur simply because of the lack of understanding of our nature.

I am quite surprised that history nuts like me who would probably exist in that world did not see through the lie that government created. A fabricated history is easier to see through as it has many holes, people would have easily able to see through the lie.

3. First Generation not speaking about Earth.

It is hilarious to see that everyone from the first generation kept quiet about history. Yes, the war destroyed half of the plant and no one wanted to repeat that and wanted to keep the peace. But there can be different ways of ensuring peace other than concealing history and destroying the idea of nations and religions. How did everyone agree that this was the right way.

“In the whole history of humanity, we could agree on one thing that we cant agree on anything.” – some jackass probably

4. Banning the wormhole.

Just imagine pushing a button at home and arriving at the office which is 300km away in a second, or colonizing those habitable planets without needing to establish an expensive supply chain.

Yes, a wormhole can be used to kill people, but so are kitchen knives and cutlery. Would you ban cutlery, kitchen knives simply because they have the potential to kill people? Why not regulate the wormhole and make it so that people cannot carry it around in their pockets. Just make them stationary or as a point of travel between long distances. You guys would probably come with thousand ideas how to use them while prevention its misuse so I don’t have to dig deep in here.

And that is all I could think about it at this movement, congratulations if you reach this point. Thanks for reading, let me know your thoughts below.

what to ask a question as my English is sh!t, how do you spell hide-ing because the meaning of hiding is beating someone and I always used this word as meaning to ‘Hide’. alas the word concealing came to my rescue.

Fun Fact –  The word “Astra” means weapon or divine weapon depending on the context in Sankrit


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