Yuru Camp – A Simple Look at Life.

Life is hard. Life has a structure, wake up, eat breakfast, go to work or school, eat dinner and sleep, rinse and repeat. It is repetitive, endless and hard. In this hustle and bustle of life, we forget most simple things, things that shape us, things that we want, the thing’s that we desire and work toward, that thing is beauty and change. A warm summer breeze touching the skin gently as a mother, A cold winter wind refreshing our senses and sending a shiver down the spine, a cool shower of rain on the face refreshing us and nature with rejuvenating power after hot and long summer(For Indians), the half moon hidden behind the clouds like a shy child, setting sun painting the sky with his setting glory creating the most beautiful painting or simply a look at the vast endless blue sky to remind us how tiny we and our problems are.

Daily life can become stale and boring when did we last looked up to the sky to marvel at its vastness when did we last marvelled at the colours of the dying sun, when did we last felt the cool light of moon calming our skin, probably a long time ago and most probably we don’t even remember. Yuru Camp is anime about camping. It revolves around the basic of the basic desires of a human being. The desire to seek change, a desire for seeking inspiration and meaning in the life. This desire drives us to grow but we lose our roots, what better ‘change’ than to see sun paint the sky each day with the different colours and clouds taking different shapes and position to make the characters and objects on the largest painting ever painted on the largest canvas. What better inspiration than nature which constantly changes and shapes our surroundings. Of course Yuru camp is not that complicated but it is based on that desire and I will leave you with a recommendation to try it out.

2 thoughts on “Yuru Camp – A Simple Look at Life.

    1. I am glad you liked it. This anime fulfils our basic desire and this post is meant to convey that nothing more nothing less. So yes I didn’t find any meaning in Yuru Camp, I just connected it with life nothing more. It is a very straightforward slice of life, relaxing anime and I love it. Yuru camp focuses more on its background and nature than normal slice of life.


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