Indian Pariah: A forgotten friend.

Ah, dogs, who doesn’t love dogs? they are soft, cute, slimy and always at your side protecting its master from harm. I sure do love dogs in fact to this date I had 6 dogs. First, two were released by my grandfather when they were just puppies because they made noise, next one I found in pretty bad shape in the street and after rescuing it from death it did live with me for six years to again leave when we were on holidays or at least that is what I think, the next one we bought from store and lived with us for 4 or so years before a truck smashed him in the wake of the night. It felt like losing a friend, I didn’t cry for a week only to cry the next day, it was like losing a family member and it was the first time I saw someone close to me die and as young as I was, I wasn’t able to comprehend the pain that came with it and tried to act tough, though even after losing my only friend at that time we still had another puppy and guess what, it also fled, though it didn’t bother me that much. Next dog we had was well to put it kindly was a bitch, didn’t listen and was out of our control. That was partly due to we were not able to give her freedom that she wanted as we did shift to an apartment, so we did what was best for us and her, we just gave her away to a farmer to be a guard dog, good riddance I would say but again I do love dogs and wanna have them around me.

As you can see dogs are kind of a pain to raise and train, they are costly in both time and money but can you truly put a price on a friend. Dogs are true friends they never leave your side if you give them the love they deserve. They are with you in sadness and happiness, they stand by you in rainy storms and scorching sunlight, they stay by your side in life and in death. Whenever you are poor or rich, old or young, drowned in depression or overflowing with happiness they stay by your side as true friends. Someone close to you may give up on you but a dog never will. Dogs are the most loyal and friendly animal there are even more so than humans, they are indeed true all-weather friends of mankind. And because of this it pain’s me to see them suffer.

Indian Pariah is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, native to India. Also commonly known as street dogs or Desi dogs in India. As they are native to India they have adapted well to its environment which can be fressing cold in winter and scorching hot in summer. In some places, there can be about 20C of the difference between summer and winter, also do not forget Monsoon(Rainy season). They come in all different colours most common being brown ranging from dark to reddish-brown with soft white colour. They are one of the healthiest breeds of dogs in the world due to their natural breeding environment with no genetic diseases to speak of, making them very easy to maintain and required very little grooming. They don’t have body odour and shed very little hair if any. They are playful, active and highly intelligent making them very easy to train and by my experience, they can learn basic stuff without any intense training. They are very protective and affectionate making them great guard dogs and you can have your children around them. They can eat almost anything without getting sick, they don’t require dog food’s to get their nutrition, they can eat meats, vegetable, milk or whole-grain whatever fit’s your bill. And the most important you don’t have to buy them for absurd cost, you can just get on the street and adopt one with no cost. Now, why am I telling this?

Sometimes we try to find coal in the pile of diamonds while looking for diamonds. When one thing is littered everywhere we stop seeing value in it but that doesn’t mean that a diamond has no value it is just being tagged by us as useless and common but in fact it is just what we need, just imagine what would happen if there is less water in the world as such you can only drink it once every two days, will your perception of its value increase? Now imagine if the world is filled with water with no shortage, will your perception of its value decrease? and either way, does it decrease or increase the importance and value of it. We crave for what we don’t possess and it is natural, we pursue what is rare, what we cant get easily that brings us satisfaction but it is important not to let go of your logical and practical mindset which gets me to my next point.

In India, most families adopt pedigree(foreign) dog breeds rather than native ones. On surface, it is fine to adopt any breed one want it’s their personal choice. But these breeds are bred in horrible condition’s akin to pig farms. Generations of inbreeding which brings you beautiful long soft hair and colours, cute faces, different sizes, ears and eyes they also provide these poor creatures with horrible genetic defects which include but not limited to difficulty in breathing, giving birth and walking, Chondrodystrophia, Hip and Elbow dysplasia, Corneal trauma and ulceration, Entropion, Progressive retinal atrophy, Inherited allergies. These genetic defects make these breeds life worst than death and these breeds are not fitted to live in harsh Indian environment’s making their life very hard. And there is Indian Pariah who by its quality is more suited to Indian environment, more healthy, has bred naturally without any genetic defects, who is equal if not more capable than foreign breeds to be a friend and a companion. Even with all of these qualities he is forced to scavenge for food in dustbins, even when he is docile and bites only when provoked, he faces the rocks from people and is exterminated from the streets by the municipal corporation, even when he is friendly and loyal he gets kick’s in the guts, what kind of life does this dog lives is well known to Indians. On one hand, we have a dog who was snatched away from his mother the movement he was born, raised up on watered-down milk and chemicals, lives an unhelthy and suffering life, getting sick frequently, it suffers in summer due to lack of tolerance towards heat and was bred, given life just because you want to buy him. On other hand there is a dog who is healthy, is well adapted to the environment, rarely needs a doctor, can eat anything it wants, run as fast as it can, can hear the sound’s, can see the world and is alive by the natural process of breeding and by the will of the nature. A friend to me cannot be bought, it can only be earned and I will choose a dog who is independent and chooses me as a friend, than one who I bought to be my friend and as by obligation his life belongs to me, aren’t we slaver’s when we think about it. All these words are just for this last request, get a local street dog, whenever you are from, give life to these dogs who deserve it and if you do live in India get an Indian Pariah they deserve much more respect that they get. the dogs who can live life happily and freely are forced down into streets and the dogs whose life is hell and unnatural are forced to live it just because we willed it so and that is what hurt me more than anything. Just remember this –

 “Dog is part of your life, but for dog you are his life”

– Somewhere from Internet.

Again guys thanks for reading 1419 words of wall and if you made this far congratulation and thank you for reading it, let me know your thoughts below in the comments and I sorry for being inactive for about two month’s now, I will be rolling anime posts as soon as I can and again thank you for your support. Have a good day or night.

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