What is Art?

Art is the greatest aspect of human life, art is indeed the greatest thing about being a human. People had always argued to prove what is art and alway failed with logical fallacies. Debate still continues for what can and cannot be called an art, even after thousands of years. In this great and noble debate, I wish to contribute my definition of art which I think would put an end to this debate(very unlikely).

We are born with an exceptional skill which none living being has, no that is not consciousness or imagination. The greatest ability which we have is the ability of perspective and perception. These abilities give us our imagination and consciousness, which makes us think about things differently than any other person, this ability makes us different from each other, it helps us to form our opinions, it gives us the power to agree and disagree. Perspective helps us to recognize the laws of the universe, it helps us to use those laws to our advantage. It also helps us to recognize art and make art. Perspective and Perception helps us to view the world like never has been viewed. These two are founding fathers of philosophy and science. And Art is nothing but a perspective.

Art is how you look at things, It is as simple as that. Word “Art” has been inflated in importance for centuries. Art cannot be made, but it is a mental state that can be achieved by widening your perspective and perception. Art also cannot be a measure of value because it is priceless. So what can be called art?

Let me give an example, I had just joined my Badminton class. Because I was Fat I could not play it well, I could not move around court easily. After one month of practice, I could easily reach every point in court and easily play every shuttle thrown at me. In that month I did not become less fat, so what happen? Let me tell you what had happened, my perspective of the game changed, I started to enjoy it. That change in perspective was enough for me to overcome my physical disability, perspective enhanced my concentration, it helped me to time my moves correctly and most importantly it helped me enjoy what I was doing and it was fun. Change in perspective could make life miserable or happy. We are slaves of perspective. We perceive something that could make it bad or good. There nothing like good and bad exists only perspectives exists. So what does it has to do with art?

This simply means that everything is art, it is only matter of perspective. Someone says making toilet is art and he is right in his own perspective but you don’t have right to say that this is not art because you don’t share the same perspective as that person. You can criticize it but you cannot say that it is not an art. I know some people will say that “A sure way to destroy a concept is to extend its meaning to everything.” And I would agree. But when I say art is everything I mean art is everything that can be perceived as art, you only need to find it. Art is the neverending quest of discovery for a new perspective to look at the world. In India, we say that life is a play written by god and we all are actors in this play, this perspective makes life an art. Art is truly beautiful that it can be everything yet it could be nothing, you don’t need to restrict the meaning of art, you only need enjoy what you like. Loving is art, also hating is an art, you just need a perspective to look. Only if you look, everything can be art. Writing is an art, reading is an art, science is an art and art is science, art is perspective and art is life, art is everything yet it is more that everything, it has the power to make us happy, make us sad and might evoke no feelings at all. It is the beauty of art that it can be everything.

It may be kid drawing or a painter painting, both are an artist in their own right and both produce art in their own right, saying one is art and one is not an art is idiotic, you have the right to say that one is good and another is not. No one has right to decide what is art because no one has perspective broad enough to experience all art. People believed just until a decade ago that video games are not art. Let me ask you, were video games not art before 2007? No, so why are they now? Because of change in perspective, they were art before and they will be art for eternity. That is why I say everything is art you just need perspective to find it. This proves my point. A good artist has a wide perspective to look at things, that is why he can create an artwork that can fit the larger audience and hopefully broaden the range of their perspective.

No matter what I say there will be people who decide art by value(which is a perspective in itself). But if we look hard enough we can find art in almost anything, that is the most beautiful thing about art, you don’t need art galleries, movies, books or any media to appreciate art, all you need is perspective and desire to find it.

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4 thoughts on “What is Art?

  1. Visual arts depends on the person looking at it; one may perceive it’s good but the other may say it’s bad. I think my answer is a cliche but that’s pretty much about it.

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