Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku : How to make Isekai Anime.

This world suck doesn’t it. Everyone wants an escape to another world, the world of fantasy, the world of comfort, the world where we are most powerful. This feeling gives birth to the fantasy and the Isekai genre and Death March throws that at your face. It throws all fantasies about the different world onto your face like throwing meat at the dog’s face and says “Just eat it quietly and be satisfied”, and that is what I like about it.

Death March doesn’t hide its true form. Death March doesn’t give a fu*k about emotions, ethics, drama, world building, story, characters, or any other thing that you expect to find in a good anime. From episode one it screams that it is going to be a loli and fanservice anime, it is going to have a Gary Stu as the main character and he is going to have a harem with every girl in love with him, it spits in your face that hero is perfect and he is never going lose, hero is going to be a black slate so you can draw yourself in that situation and you know what I love it, I love when a work of art is honest with itself and its views, I love when an anime scream that it is not perfect and it is not trying to be perfect. I love it when an anime say’s to your face that It is fan service for the sake of fan service, it is fantasy service for sake of fantasy service. I love when an anime say’s that you are not going to get any value out of this but it will entertain and entertain it did.

I love Death March because of sheer honesty of what it is trying to deliver. It is not trying to deliver some fake ass emotional story about getting trapped in another world, it is not going to follow emotional and phycological aspects of getting trapped in another world, not it is going to explore philosophical aspects, Death March doesn’t give a sh*t about any of these things. It quenches’s the thirst for fantasy, for going into another world, for being strongest person.

So is Death March worth watching? Yes but for entertainment alone, Is it good? No, it is pretty shitty anime with no substance but it delivers what every Isekai anime should deliver and that is quenching out thirst for another world, sadly not many are able to do that.

Tata, Sayonara, Goodbye.

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