Understanding Made In Abyss.

‘Fantasy’ as an idea can be expressed in many different ways especially in anime. Some anime express it by throwing the main character in a different world than our own or other by assimilating unique and out of the world ideas into our own world. Some create an entire world with unique rules and ideas. One thing is for certain that to create anything fantastical we need a unique setting that is wildly different than what we can call normal, idea of fantasy is to push normal to paranormal, ordinary to extraordinary, it is to create and do something that is never done before or never even imagined before, that is a fantasy. And this is why I call Made in Abyss as pure fantasy.

Made in Abyss creates something unique in the world of anime and that is setting. Characters, story, plot are all important but what Made in Abyss shine in is the setting which is a Huge hole in the ground called Abyss. Entire anime plays around this setting and world it takes place in. Every character, every event, every strand of plot and story is centered around the Abyss. Everything and everyone are connected to Abyss in one way or another and that is what makes Made in Abyss unique among fantasy anime. When you put so much emphasis on a single massive dump pit in the earth you know nothing about, things become complicated and interesting. Everything revolves around the Abyss and no one knows anything about it, this creates the fog of mystery and eerie which surrounds Abyss and this fuels entire plot and the viewer experience.

This mystery drives the plot towards center of Abyss, It is natural for humans to be attracted towards something unknown, it is our nature to know what is not known, to solve mysteries, to make sense of things, it is our natural curiosity, instinct, and this curiosity is what makes Made in Abyss incredibly enjoyable show. The world building that takes place around this mystery is handled well, though at the end of the season we still don’t know much about abyss than what we started with. Made in Abyss is an anime which makes the journey of curiosity spicy, which take’s me to plot progression or pacing.

The plot of Made In Abyss is fairly straightforward and simple, As I said that natural curiosity of viewer attracts him or her towards the abyss and naturally it is same with all the characters in anime even if they know the horrors which lie in the abyss and possible risk of death. The plot follows simple principle. It finds a reason for the main character to head into Abyss, which takes her to adventures through different layers of Abyss, which have their own geography, environments, characters, and stories. Though plot does have a consistent goal that is to reach the bottom and to find the mother of main character Riko and the origin of Reg who was send to the surface by her mother. Each layer’s plot and the story is distinct than other’s and reviles more information about the world while keeping the mystery it needs and most of the time generating more question than it answers. These plots though distinct feed into the main plot. Made in Abyss maintains the balance of enjoying a journey and the importance of the final goal, It is very rare to see plot to be driven by both end goal and the journey and the extraordinary visual just make it better.

I don’t know what more I could say about Made in Abyss as for me Made in Abyss is nothing but a unique setting to explore and all the stories, characters, plot are just the tool’s to explore it. Yes, The blend of music, visual and story is perfect but what sell’s this show for me is its setting, nothing more, nothing less.

Thanks, guys let me know what did you enjoyed about Made in Abyss and if you enjoyed the post the follow, like and share this post. Have a nice day.


7 thoughts on “Understanding Made In Abyss.

  1. I’ve only just gained access to Made in Abyss via HiDive but I’ve now watched the first three episodes and I really enjoyed the introduction to the story. Hoping to continue watching over the weekend.

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  2. I heard about this series a few days back in a youtube video, and I won’t lie, this post along with that video has made me really interested to check it out.

    As always, it was a great post laden with words which excited me to the core. Thanks for sharing your views!

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  3. I’ve heard a lot of good things about this anime, but i wasn’t sure i was going to watch it. Fantasy is one of my favorite genres but i’ve always preferred sci-fi fantasy though…But after reading your review, it’s really made me want to try watching it.
    The fantasy animes i’ve seen have mostly been those “This otaku neet gets thrown into a videogame and has to save the world and become hokage of the pirates!” or something like that…I’ve never been a very big fan of that kind of thing, but there were some good anime with that premise, like Konosuba. I really enjoyed the show because of how good the satire of the genre was. My friend suggested for me to watch No game No life. I might watch it….I dunno know.

    Lately i’ve been watching the second season of Kekkai Sensen after finishing the first one and i love it! It’s a pretty cool anime with a supernatural theme taking place in the modern world. If you haven’t already seen it, you should check it out if you like!

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