Attack On Titan: A Titan in the chain.

The attack on Titans is probably the one of the most famous anime in the history of Anime, the popularity of it cannot be underestimated and just like the Shonen of the old days, attack on Titans provided multiple people a get way into anime, it is a go to anime for many newbies. And with the end of the second season, it is time to reevaluate this anime.

Note: This post may have some spoilers, reader’s discretion is advised.

As a typical Shonen, attack on Titans follows the path of a hero trying to save the whole world with his friends. And unlike a typical Shonen attack on Titans uses a reality-based approach to its storytelling, at least until plot demands some Miracle. However, this approach to storytelling is not new to Shonen anime, but it is more refined and mature in the attack on titans than any other shounen anime, well except for hunter x hunter. The Attack on Titan uses the gore and its environment as a tension building equipment, giving the viewer both excitement and suspense at the same time. However, this storytelling method has some shortcomings, it is mainly due to Eren surviving a deadly situation with some stupid super powers and did I tell you that he can now also control Titans, It is so OP that it would put even Madara to shame. This not only breaks the belief of an unforgiving world but also reduces the tension which was build up to this point in the series, with any sense of danger for our heroes gone. This was truly a turning point for the series, as it transitioned from a unique shounen anime to a typical shounen anime where main characters have the power of plot armor and they cannot die. By my view, the story could have continued where Eren’s friends could have continued the fight and rather than using the muscle of Titans they could have used the muscle of their brains at least for once, but no matter it is what it is. This part did not reduce the enjoyment of the series as much as it reduced its uniqueness in my eyes.

Characters in Attack on Titans are quite supportive and rigid, they are there to support the hero, in this case, Eren. It is like that they do not have any personalities but their personalities are lines of supporting Eren in every circumstance. Most of the time it is understandable, but seeing as every character has these characteristics, make those characters bland and boring. It seems like the whole world revolves around Eren which is normally not a bad thing but seeing people supporting him without any consideration of his nature makes me question the logicality of nearly every character in Attack on Titans. As for Eren, he is very typical Shonen Hero, dedicated to his friends, comrades, and to the cause, which he thinks is just but as usual unable to see the bigger picture. After watching so many Shonen anime, at least for me these characteristics of the Hero has become annoying and Eren is no exception to that. Nearly every character well except for potato girl seems bland and nonunique, no characters are genre breaking and lovable at least for me, maybe it is because I watched too much Shonen anime in past which makes me sick of these stereotypes. But for anyone who is new to anime, these characters might be gold. However as Attack on Titans is not a character-centric show these flaws doesn’t affect it as much as it will any other anime.

Well choreographed action and thrill are what makes Attack on Titan good. It is very hard to find a well-choreographed Shonen show as Attack on Titans and mixing it with unique concepts or at least art style and Titan(kind of like Zombies) will put most of the thriller anime to Shame. Fluid actions and unique art style make Attack on Titan very enjoyable show to watch, Attack on Titans may be lackluster in other departments but it is very strong where it should be and that what makes it special. The attack on Titans stays constantly active, moving like a river never giving you chance to be bored, it is attention grabbing and it is very powerful in its visual aspects.

Now let’s talk about the second season a bit, every problem in the first season was transferred to the second season and every strength in the first season was removed from the second season. The first season fails to explain many things and it ended in mystery, the second season tries to alleviate that problem but it fails to do so. The second season is nothing but a massive badly done plot dump and nothing more. The second season also tries to invest in its empty characters, however, there is literally no connection between viewers and characters, there is no reason for you to feel emphatic towards them. I can understand why Mikasa is so obsessed with Eren because of flashback which was given to us, but I can’t understand why in the hell Ymir is so obsessed with Krista. Their character motivation is a just mess, without understanding the past I can’t connect and can’t feel sympathy for either of them. Problems with the second season don’t stop there, while whole season feels like a huge plot dump and boring one at that, they had given 12 episode for explaining the world of Attack on Titan and they couldn’t even manage to do that. It is ridiculous that they had 12 episodes to explain everything and at the end of the series you only manage to answer one question that humans are Titans and which was quite obvious from the start of the series, because what would they be? if not glorified Zombies. Which takes me to the next point.

The concept of Attack on Titans may that be the world, the Titans, 3d maneuver gear, unique art style, fluid fights and detail that they put into every scene is incredible at least in the first season, there is so much potential to be had in the concept of Attack on Titans and not to mention its high budget and truly all these things outmaneuver all these flaws exceptionally, yet I feel that so much potential has been lost in this series and especially in the second season where both action and visuals feel bland. There is not a good amount of thrill like the first season, nither there is incredible detail in the second season and there are no memorable character movements like the in the first season. The attack on Titans just like Sword Art Online took off based on its visuals, action, and concept and this just further proves again how powerful a concept can be to make a anime feel good even when its execution was rubbish.

In the end, Attack on Titans is an average Shonen anime. However, Attack on Titans was able to distinguish itself from your run of the mill Shonen anime with its great visuals, concept, art styles, an unending thrill. In my opinion, it could have been much better if it was able to address these issues which I stated in this post. For me, Attack on Titans is nothing but a Titan in the chain. And with that, I conclude my post and my thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Attack On Titan: A Titan in the chain.

  1. as someone who has read the manga,your problem with the mystery will eventually get resolved. They are merely adapting the next story arc right after the female titan arc ended, explaining the mystery right off the bat on this arc wont be “adapted faithfully”

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    1. In my personal opinion, Anime and Manga are different media of entertainment and original material should be changed accordingly to adjust needs and requirements of the newer medium, nevertheless, this arc was outright boring and I hope that I can make sense out of it when next season airs, thanks.


  2. Sad to hear that season two didn’t live up to the first series, especially after such a long break. If season two is just one big plot dump I might wait for the third series to come out. Watching two and three back to back might work out better than drudging through a plot dump and then waiting for a payoff.

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