A short writing on Fantasy.

For a long time, we have tried to live in reality different than ours throngs literature, through paintings, and through poems. We always strived for something different and something new, which doesn’t follow rules of our world and fantasy genre is the pinnacle of that. We are indeed an imaginative spices. Fantasy is a weird mix of reality, perception, creativity, and Imagination. The sense of reality allows us to create grounded and believable stories, perception gives us the power to see the world in a unique way, creativity makes that view on the world more beautiful just like jewelry and at last Imagination give us the wings necessary to explore different reality, all of these aspects of human existence allows Fantasy to exist.

Fantasy has always been part of human life, we as children had many fantasies of our own, be it be like living in the world of chocolate or world where you rule everything or to marry perfect price or princess. Fantasy is a genre that exists in our blood and heart, it is constantly in our mind allowing us to forget reality and indulges ourselves in greater and better reality but Fantasy is not a tool for escapism either, it is an aspect of our life that keeps us all alive, it allows us to seek something different and new, it gives us hope for future, it inspires us and makes us better than who we are. If someone asked me about the proof of free will I will always point toward fantasy, as fantasy is the only thing that makes us humans and not animals. The power to interpret and create a different reality that our own is the greatest testament to free will.


6 thoughts on “A short writing on Fantasy.

  1. How I view fantasy is that every part of your imagination, every character and every world has an aspect about who you are and who you want to be and what you feel, I feel as through fantasies describe and make you feel a certain aspect about you that you want to feel in a certain moment when you can’t find that feeling anywhere else so you let loose of reality to find it.

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  2. Fantasies are a part of every human and that’s the majority of why I strive to be as creative as I can in whatever I do and why I even began to watch anime in the first place. I want to grow with this sense of creation and live a life where I can create new things every day. 😊

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