Banned in /askphilosophy subreddit for disagreeing with the moderator.

So here how to gone down, On a peaceful night I was surfing this subreddit and found a question about religion and religion being my favorite subject I quickly gave an answer and following things started to roll.



Everything was going well and then this happened.


I was super pissed at this guy who was saying that I am incompetent and still could not erase my point with his “vast” and “superior” philosophical knowledge and not to say didn’t even tried to answer the question with a relevant answer just kept bashing me for answering it. Indeed I may be wrong and his views about religion may be correct but he didn’t defend his views and just used his authority to ban me from this subreddit. I am raised in eastern non-academic philosophy so I have always exercised the freedom to present my thesis and if I am wrong I will be corrected with a relevant explanation, Indeed I have no knowledge of western philosophical literature and it seems that western philosophy has stagnated in its growth due to people like this. Again I am not saying I am right, I am saying prove me wrong. Eastern Philosophy is much more different than Western philosophy, It is not bounded by books and views of the old, it is flexible in its use, It is more of a lifestyle than simply hunger for knowledge. There are positives of western philosophy as well, but I don’t like western philosophy post-Christianity. In the end, I simply wish to ask you “was I wrong?”, if so please point out where I was wrong. I am planning to make a post about what philosophy at least for me is, if philosophy is indeed bounded by literature written by old then it is the worst and most narrow-minded subject I have ever studied. And I think the person who asked the question is capable of telling right from wrong, so it should be his choice accept my argument or not.



18 thoughts on “Banned in /askphilosophy subreddit for disagreeing with the moderator.

  1. It doesn’t matter what he thinks. You made your point that’s it. And yes everyone is entitled to own opinions. There is plurality of thought in eastern philosophy.
    When you are given one gospel, one holy book, and follow one prophet and duty is to take that gospel to all world then that is problematic. Abrahamic religions are all about that.

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        1. Of course, I am India, as we here say,
          “There is one truth(god), known by many names”

          The greatest thing about being an Indian Hindu is I can simply reject the notion of god and still find happiness in spirituality. I love eastern and Hindu philosophy for its flexibility and adaptability, I will say there are no religions in the east there are only cultures and way of thought.


  2. Dude, this is why i stay away from reddit in general. It’s full of super biased people who think they know everything. It can be a good place to find information and talk about stuff (I usually only visit because I am into this video game fandom and reddit just happens to be a place where a huge chunk of the community share lore and audio findings.) but aside from that, i never talk to anyone about anything weird or controversial, it’s not worth the time usually due to the fact it’s hard to tell whether the person your talking to is sane or not. Your entitled to your own opinion and he didn’t have the right to behave that way towards you just for having a different opinion. What that guy did to you and how he acted was just wrong, childish and rude.

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      1. You should try finding a different place to have discussions. I don’t know many but forums are pretty good. I’ve never actually had this kind of problem because I prefer to stay away from certain websites with bad reputations like this…but I’ll guiltily admit I spend a lot of time on tumblr…But I don’t usually argue with people due to how much strangers on the internet love to start some kind of drama or fight over the most ridiculous thing. Also, tumblr is a horrible place if your looking for sane people to talk too. That place is 90% crazy, obsessive and easily offended weirdos and only 10% okay content and decent people. Stay away from tumblr. It almost ruined me actually. But yeah, you should either be really careful when using reddit or you could find a different place to have discussions at. Sorry this is kinda long. Ahahaha, i get carried away when i talk about certain things.

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  3. Stop being such a butthurt bitch and man-up or stay away from the internet if u cant handle being proven wrong by others with superior intellect. .


  4. I don’t know anything about that board, but my guess is that you’re being punished because of flame wars from the past. There is apparently a very strict set of rules here – you must qualify to be able to participate in discussion, and if you participate without those qualification and give any sort of fight against that, you’re summarily dismissed.

    I understand the need to keep control on a board about such an inflammatory subject, and it seems that board has a very specific purpose to keep it intellectual, but it’s also unfortunate because religion has the capacity to open minds and do so much good, and their rules are ironically preventing that from occurring in a board about that very topic, and keeping your excellent discussion from enlightening minds and causing readers to think more about a vital topic.

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    1. I agree that religion can be a Controversial subject, but from where I am ie. India, we have a very free view on religion. If some customs are bad people fight against them and doing so does not hurt anyone’s faith at all, this is true for at least Hinuds. I am not a Ph.D. in Philosophy and especially not a fan of academic discipline, But when you say something like earth, is flat and other parties just brands you a fool without explaining anything why you are wrong, they fail. As Einstein said “If you cannot make other understand what are you saying then you lack knowledge in that field”, that is how any subject rolls by my opinion. I can question Newton for his laws and if my Laws are better suited than his then I am right and this process of learning from others and reevaluating your knowledge is very important in any field of science and let me tell you that most philosophers didn’t have a college degree. What matters is a philosophical mind, free mind, capable mind to be qualified as a philosopher, not a degree. Philosophy is the essence of life and we are all philosophers in my opinion. Again I can be wrong and if anyone thinks that I am wrong then they can nullify my statements by providing a better explanation than me, it is that simple. Thanks.


      1. I agree with you. My experience is that people like that moderator, perhaps, are not really looking for truth. They’re there for a certain type of discussion created only by people they deem qualified. Unfortunately, that doesn’t particularly get you anywhere, not in terms of getting closer to truth, finding knowledge, and learning what life is ultimately all about. I’m sorry for those people on the board who weren’t able to learn by engaging you.

        You’re more than welcome to discuss religion on our blog, in which we talk about faith and Christianity by examining our own experiences with anime, if you’d like. Take care!

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  5. Well, as far as I could say about that moderator is that there are some peoples out there who lack brains and words to have a peaceful or at least, a meaningful debate. Be it a topic as vast and sensitive as religion or something as petty as Whether or not SAO is a good anime, these kind of people just have to prove themselves right no matter what, that includes using their superiority. In this topic we would find some peoples who say that if we question religion, we will face our worst nightmares in ‘Hell’, there are some who tend to defy religion for no valid reason, while there are also some individuals who welcome new thoughts on this topic while presenting their own views; it’s up to us which team we want to be in. I’m really amazed that you kept your cool and were using calm and composed words with a hint of aggressiveness when you faced him head on, if I were at your position, well… let’s just say there would have been a lot of F words after a certain point.

    As for the religion stuff, well different people have different thinking about this matter, but for me, I would quote this small dialogue from OMG, “Humans created religion because they need them”. Humans have this tendency of relying and they spend all their life trying to find someone whom they can rely on all the time, some people just find their perfect relying partner in Religion.

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    1. Thanks, man, I don’t know why I didn’t see this comment on my notifications, so sorry for late reply.

      Thanks for all support and hell I agree about OMG and I love that movie, I like the fact that we Indian are so critical of our religion and don’t take any bullshit from it but will adopt good things from it that we need. We reject bad part of religion and adopt good part of religion, Unlike other places where a person will do even the most idiotic thighs in the name of religion or will reject every religion regardless value they provide to a normal human. I think Indian atheists act more like atheists that western counterparts and Indian religious people are nowhere near as violent as their western counterparts. On that note, I think you will like this post –

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