A Call For Gender Equality in Anime.

In today’s unjust and unequal society I call for reformation, Today in modern society we suffer from many injustices with discrimination and anime are the highest point of that discrimination, Anime Discriminate on the basis of gender and race. We should purge this discriminatory media. I found some cases of discrimination in anime and here they are.

1. Puny Heros.


Today anime always portray male leads weak or blank without any personality, there is no tsundere or yandere for the male lead, they are void of personality and female lead gets all personality buffs. I demand that females should be given blank personality more often. This is unjust and inequality if females can’t be equal to the male lead in every aspect.

2. One way violence.


Tsundere female characters always kick, bite and slaps male lead without any cause, even if it is an accident and solving that problem with clam mind they outright slap innocent male lead. I demand that female characters should be equally be slapped by the male lead because females have the equal right be slapped without any cause.

3. Most Badass character.


In most animes, the most badass characters are females, just look at Erza the queen of anime and every male lead get little brother characters like Natsu. I demand that females should get more protected characters like male counterparts do.

4. Unequal Background.


Most male character these days are Otakus, fat, with ugly glasses, and are most of the time either shut-ins or lack confidence and are jobless, while females are more confident, not otaku and with jobs. Female have right to be shut-ins, otaku, and NEET, they have all right to be as miserable as possible. We should give females more miserable characters.

5. Death.


Most of the time heroes give their life to protect the female lead, girls also have right to die for their loved ones. I demand that heroin should give her life to protect hero.

6. Total domination of genre.


Male are can be the lead in every genre along with females, but females dominate the genre of magical girls which is watched mostly by a male audience. It is unjust because females have every right to watch magical boys genre, I demand that magical boys genre should become prominent.

7. Kawaii factor.


Boys always play the role of a bully with physical violence and girls are always these Kawaii little fur balls and girls have right to be a physical bully and also have right to watch kawaii boys. I demand that girls be given the role of a bully and boys be given the role of the kawaii fur ball.













April Fool, ^_^).



38 thoughts on “A Call For Gender Equality in Anime.

  1. I also want gender equality for anime but I would rather be againts violence than to agree to your opinion on hurting female anime by male. Just my opinion but great post :))

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  2. do you idiots know anything about the Japanese culture that makes all the anime? … there’s a reason its the way it is. if you want gender neutral anime make it yourself! just don’t call it anime coz even that is a Japanese word.

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    1. Calm down buddy, Read last text in the post, this post is supposed to be a joke. I am very well aware why anime are made like they are right now, I certainly like the animes which are not gender neutral and heck everyone have artistic freedom to make anything, whether it is gender neutral or not. If you read carefully enough then this post is a parody of modern day feminisum. As for anime word, I think anime is no longer belong to only Japanese, it is a cultural global phenomenon and anyone can make anime as it is a artistic movement.


    1. Oh, it is a good channel thanks, but it doesn’t seem to be a joke channel but a good logical one. I don’t have any intention to disrespect any genders in my post, It was made as a joke but with some grounded reality and if was not joke anime community will have destroyed me by now because we don’t take this kind of things kindly here. Either was this post just made to pick on feminist logic and nothing more.

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      1. it is a logical channel that make jokes on others behalf and silence them with logic XD i have followed him or 9 – 10 months now 🙂 yes, most feminists dont seem to understand that most people dont need a label to show that hey are for equal rights. :`D thanks for the laugh though, it was a really funny post 🙂 but about yandare in anime, Amnesia has a yandare guy XD

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        1. yes, too bad the heroine is so bland though ;-; but then again; if you lost your memories and have many people that claim to know you, you might have a constant blank face all the time XD hahaha :`D

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  3. Lol! As I was reading this I was thinking “hmmmm……there are some truthful things….. and yet, somehow, something seems off…..” Then I read the last bit and I couldn’t stop laughing! Great post!


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