Things I learned in one year of Blogging.

Today I completed a year doing blogging, I wrote 36 posts with 151 followers, well that is quite an accomplishment for me because I am a very reclusive person in real life, with an inferiority complex. I love learning new things, I love thinking things differently and love explaining things I found to my mother. I had and have fear of making money. I fear I couldn’t make money because I am so useless, all I have is good thinking power, a neutral view on things with love of learning. How can a person like me who can’t even speak to a person without sweating make money. This fear, ability to explain and ability to think made this blog. Yes, I made the blog to escape my uselessness. So here are things I learned in a Year of Blogging.

1. Quantity is superior to quality.

Quantity will always win in terms of popularity, If you post 3 to 4 times a day then you will easily surpass the guy who posts once or twice a month no matter how good is his content and no matter how average is your content you will always win in terms of poplularity, just ask Pewdiepie.

2. Love what you do.

Love is more powerful than routine because It makes you think. If you love something then you are thinking about it whole day rather than thinking about it when your routine demands it, this makes your writing different and unique than other people.

3. Following everyone makes everyone follow you.

If you follow 100 people no matter how their content is then you will get 80 followers back, that is just an unwritten rule or maybe that is just me. There is unexplainable obligation to follow a person who has follow you. I don’t actively find people to follow, If I find them good they earned my follow.

4. People are good.

Blogging community here is very good and considarate, They will respect your opinion, engage in discussion and help you with all sorts of problems, Anime community is especially good. I thank all of Anibloggers who have taken care of me for past year and please forgive me for not being an active member of this community.

I thank all of my followers and members of the blogging community, Thanks, guys these are my blunt thoughts, have a happy day.


13 thoughts on “Things I learned in one year of Blogging.

  1. Congratulations on the one year of blogging. I totally agree that you have to love what you are doing. Blogging is quite time consuming and can become just another thing on the to do list but the content will definitely suffer. I’ve definitely put off writing posts or scratched a post when I’ve realised I’m just going through the motions and have nothing to say on that topic. And the aniblogging community are pretty awesome. There are so many great people to meet.
    Thanks for sharing your advice and I look forward to your posts as you go into your second year.

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  2. Congrats on finishing your 1st year of blogging, I know that a lot of people give up before this point and they probably wouldn’t if they read some of the advice from this post. I agree with your second and fourth point the most, there is definitely something different about bloggers who do for the love rather than to just do it and I feel that there’s a lot more to gain from writing about what you’re passionate about. The blogging community is very kind, the kindest community that I’ve come across on the internet if I’m honest. Keep it up!

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  3. Congratulations on one year! Great advice, especially love what you do. I know your first point is technically right, though I’d say I prefer quality over quantity. Quality in large quantity is awesome, but on the notion on loving what you’re doing, I think it’s more fulfilling both to read and write quality posts.

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  4. If you fear making money I will gladly take any cash you earn 🙂

    The following remark is valid. Every now and then I get people following me even if they have no interest in anime/games. They are just fishing for people to follow them back. It’s nice to have a high follower count, but to be honest 20 loyal readers who like/comment regularly are better than hundreds of fakes.

    When in comes to quantity/quality there is a balance. Churning out rubbish every day won’t yield success. Taking forever to write one masterpiece ain’t great either because people will forget that the blog exists.

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    1. I agree that loyal following is more important than fake following and we should try to achieve a balance between quantity and quality. But there is some fun in seeing number rise up. I do have currently 167 followers and from them, I am sure 30 of them read my post regularly which is more important and 10 – 15 of them comment regularly. Going small but strong is definitely way forward. But no matter how good your content is, if people don’t know about it then you will grow very slowly, on the other hand, if you are releasing new content every day two to four time you get more publicity and hence more following regardless of quality. Now there are people who write little and have bad quality and there are people who write once or twice a day but with good quality. I personally can’t write every day because if I did I will run out of ideas in few days, also I am not that good in writing as English is not my mother tongue. There is also an unwritten obligation to people who read to provide a constant stream of content. Which simply implies if I go for the velocity of content then I must have to keep that velocity constant and I don’t want to write every day if it sometime in future becomes my job. At first, I was writing only one post a month now I am writing 2- 3 posts a month which I found to be an equilibrium. That said everybody has different capacity to deliver content.

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