Kamichu!: A Unique take on Slice on Life

Ah Life, how beautiful it is (or wretched depending on your situation), every slice of life anime tries to replicate this beauty of life and most of the time they fail, to capture the essence of life is not an easy thing and cannot be confined to single tone and nature. While the most slice of life anime tries to replicate life in a confined environment with confined story structure Kamichu tries it a bit differently.

Kamichu improvises life rather than replicating it and set its environment, the whole world. While this is nothing new and many prestigious animes like Mushishi and Natsume Yuujinchou do it but Kamichu adds a sweet touch of imagination to it while adding and utilizing moe elements. Kamichu is more free with its premise than any other show I have watched, rather than sticking to one aspect of life Kamichu put its finger in every pot, be it a love story, cute girls doing cute things, a small backyard adventure with the friends, adventure to save world or just rolling around in bed doing nothing and sleeping whole day. Kamichu does everything and it does everything very good which really surprised me because normally an anime which tries everything fails miserably in most of the things.

What makes it strikingly different from another slice of anime is that the world feels bigger, freer and more organic. It is not confined to school, backyard, workplace or home, it transits between places very freely and none of the places feels forced. Kamichu’s color palette is dull and smooth which is very odd for a slice of life animes but it works great in Kamichu, It sucks you in few minutes without any effort, its dullness enhance the animation and immersion, It can be brilliant when it want to. I think this color palette is what makes Kamichu works, it just sucks you in the world itself, you become the living part of the world.

Kamichu is however not without any faults. Some episodes are better than others and there is a lack of consistency in quality. As I said Kamichu takes a free view towards slice of life genre which allow it to roam free within the genre, the lack of consistency is mainly caused by wide genre shifts. That said it is not an anime which everyone can enjoy, it is a calming and adorable anime with very good animation and background art but it is not an anime for you if you cannot immerse yourself in it. There will be things that will annoy you because of its vast scale but positive points will eventually outweigh negative. Specials of Kamichu are far more consistent and good than anime so definitely give them a try.

Kamichu is a fresh breath in a slice of life genre, I regard it as one of the most innovative anime to ever grace slice of life genre. It is definitely anime to watch if you are long time slice of life fan.

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8 thoughts on “Kamichu!: A Unique take on Slice on Life

  1. Whenever I hear the genre Slice of life, I can’t help but check out the anime or put it on my watchlist. This genre is so beautiful and relaxing that you just can’t hate it. Kamichu seems to have the calm attitude of Slice of anime, which I’m running out of, so I would be sure to check it out.

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