Millennium Actress, a Gold cup filled with water.

Why do you watch a movie? Do you watch a movie for novelty or enjoyment, do you watch a movie that makes sense or do you like movies that are senseless? If you like movies for their novelty and senselessness (but not fun), if you want to feel smart and want to comfort yourself that you have exquisite tests, then the Millennium Actress is the movie for you. If you like the world that makes sense and love enjoyable movies then you will despise it. I am one of the few people who dislike this movie, as always I am sadly in minority. Now let us visit what this movie does right and what it does wrong.

Imagine that, you met a young man probably beautiful and he is wanted by the government for his crime against nation (don’t ask what crimes), you give him shelter for the night (don’t ask me why) but later that day police found out where he was hiding. He managed to escape leaving you an important key, telling you that is even important than his life. He was gone, but you fell in love with him. Now let me ask you, would you go to another nation to find him? would you go to a war zone for that man? A man you know for only a day, you also don’t know what crimes he has done, you don’t know his name or where he is from, And you are 16-17 years old. Let us say you grow up and have a happy marriage for 10-20 years then you suddenly know where this person is, would you leave your husband behind for a man you didn’t know more than a day? Hufff.. if your answer is yes then I don’t know what to say you can leave now. I can understand going to such lengths for father, brother, a childhood friend who you bonded with your whole life, but why for a man who is criminal (still don’t know what he has done) you know for only a day. He must be made of gold or something.

I don’t have any problems with tragic love stories, In 5 centimeters per second at least you know why he loved her so much, you can experience their love in the first arc then, second and third arc builds that love into tragic love. But here, there is no god damn character development for me to care about any person. Why should I care about a person who I got to know only for few minutes? why should I care about a person who is madly following a person that I don’t care about? I also don’t hate senselessness, but if you want to make a story that is senseless at least make it fun. The story of Black rock shooter didn’t make sense to me but it was intriguing, Gurren Lagann doesn’t make any sense but hell it was fun. It should be fun, it should be intriguing and it should be able to tear my heart out from my chest. A tragic love story should do that, If it doesn’t do that then it has failed the art of storytelling.

What Millenium Actress does well is the presentation, the direction is good and transition between scenes was something new and unique. The animation is good but that is to be expected for a movie, I can’t say I liked the color palette, still it was ok but forgettable. Millenium Actress had so much potential but in the end, the story makes or breaks an anime. No matter how good your animation is if the animation is not followed by a good story it worths nothing. Millenium Actress is a profound example of serving water in a gold cup, It looks good from outside but inside it is just water, sadly most people will not be able to recognize the trickery and will drink water thinking it was an elixir of life, what many people call placebo effect. People normally think that a good direction and a good artwork are always followed by good storytelling but unfortunately, it couldn’t be further from truth.

Let me know, did you enjoyed film second time watching, let me know your thoughts below. Thanks, guys.


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