The Dream of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Any story is as good as its characters, this premise is very true for Madoka Magica. Madoka Magica is one of the most critically acclaimed anime of our time and rightfully so. Madoka Magica is an ideology, it is a new direction which will affect every anime in future. Anime is the medium of innovation and uniqueness, Madoka Magica is a huge contributor in this endless path of perfection. Although no anime is perfect but it is very hard to find flaws in this near perfect masterpiece.

Madoka Magica is a story about characters and value of life. The story of Madoka Magica transits from calm to chaotic to tearjerkingly beautiful. The show is paced like a flowing river, starting from a small but steady stream of water as it enters mountains it violently reacts to its surroundings to make a way to plains, after reaching plans it takes a massive, powerful yet a calm form, soon river meets an infinite body of water, tearing apart landmass, struggling to keeps it form, it struggles to keep its sweet taste, In the end accepting her faith, river hugs sea like a dear friend, becoming sea itself, which will give birth to more rivers which in turn flourish life on earth. That is how I can describe the entire anime and pacing of the show.

Madoka Magica plays with contrast. This contrast can be seen from animation to background design, stark bright colors mixed with a sad and heartbreaking story, artistic design mixed with realistic tone, realistic tone mixed with an idiotic concept. In every way, Madoka Magica keeps its posture of contrast strong and unyielding. This contrast makes way for more substance than it actually exists in the story. Without this contrast, Madoka Magica’s story would have received this amount of praise. Execution of the story made Madoka Magica.

The contrast in Madoka Magika makes show feels like you are watching a dream, you can take it as a plus point or minus point. After finishing anime I felt a string of emotions running through me but as soon as I started to watch animes which were opposite in nature, soon those emotions were gone, I also find the show to be forgettable, but that is a good thing, who will want to live in those emotions. This anime is not a mind twisting phycological thriller as I expected it to be, Madoka Magika is also very depressing and sad the only two properties which I don’t want from phycological anime. Madoka Magika is truly brilliant anime which will make your heart hurt, although it is very forgettable, given that you have watched some heavy phycological animes before otherwise, it will destroy you. Enjoy,

Guys I have created the list of anime which I have watched, this is still incomplete and scores are still shuffling, ya check it out. If you liked this post the please like, follow and share. Let me know your thoughts on Madoka Magika.


2 thoughts on “The Dream of Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

  1. Madoka definitely sets itself up to be perceived as a dream or a question rather than as a self-contained reality. By having the main character wake from a dream at the beginning and then at the end have another character relating a dream of a different reality with everything between having that larger than life dreamlike quality where emotions are extremely heightened… The whole show just works and has incredible cohesion considering the scope.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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