A Letter To AnimeIndianPhilosopher (2017)

Dear  AnimeIndianPhilosopher,

Happy new year AnimeIndianPhilosopher, I know you since you were born, I have always kept an eye on you. I know all of your feelings, all your frustrations, all your victories and all of your defeats, I properly know more about you that you know about yourself. That is why I am writing this letter with all good wishes for the new year for you to know yourself and to improve yourself.

Today you have reached a milestone in your life, you have reach 100 followers on your blog and I know you are frustrated because It took 5 months while you were thinking you will have a million followers in the first month. Now take a look back at your last post and latest post, see the difference? understand and celebrate what you have learned on the journey rather what you have achieved from it, as you said it yourself “knowledge is power”, always remember to celebrate what you have rather than what you might have and improve in the direction what you want to achieve without stressing yourself out. Remember failing is fine, you can fail and failing is not a crime, just understand why you failed and learn from it, push forward. Keep moving, keep writing, don’t stop at any cost, you can slow down of course but don’t stop.

I can sense that you are too worried to write a post that can be enjoyed by others. Don’t worry, as long as you enjoy writing it people will enjoy it, for others don’t lose your uniqueness, be yourself and gather people who accept you for who you are because when you will reach million follows you will be cursing yourself because you won’t have no place to speak your mind.

Don’t worry about people who didn’t agree with you but also respect their opinion. Don’t worry if you didn’t win an online competition and don’t think you lost because you wrote about bad about Yuri On Ice. I understand that you think that your post was better than most other posts which won but don’t worry, tell you idiotic 19 years old brain that it is ok to lose and not everyone may understand or appreciate what you have written. Understand why your post was not attractive and learn from it. Makes your tummy capable of digesting criticism and failers. Thinking that every person in the world is evil and want to take you down is idiotic thinking, don’t think like that even for fraction of second. Everyone look towards the world through colorful goggles, all you can do is to keep yours as transparent as possible. No one cares about you, only you are responsible for your failing and success. Just get over you crybaby attitude.

Think straight, try to learn everything, do some programming, play some piano, play some badminton, watch some animes, write some blog, be happy and live your life, most importantly check sim card orientation before you break your internet router in rage. Don’t think about unfairness in the world, just don’t be negative, be positive.

By your good wisher.



4 thoughts on “A Letter To AnimeIndianPhilosopher (2017)

  1. Good for you for doing your best to motivate yourself. That’s a good quality. I hope you don’t consider me one of the people who “drag you down” for not agreeing with your Yuri on Ice post. Anyway, have a happy new year. Cheers!

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