Let’s Talk About Star Wars : Rogue One.

So where to begin, Last night I watched Rogue One in theaters and I know I am gonna stab myself in the foot with a lightsaber for saying this, It was boring. I am a huge fan of star wars world but I never find myself enjoying movie versions of that world, yet I liked episode VII. There are so many problems with the movie.

The biggest problem is simple that movie feels rushed, Have you seen first half hour of the movie, it is boring, switching from planet to the planet made my head boil, some characters never receive their backstory, and all character feels empty, there is no reason for me to like those characters. Simply put there is no character development. I don’t feel a thing when all character die in the end because they were not loveable in any sense. I only felt bad when that robot died, and if a movie can not entice emotions of sadness in me of dying humans then that movie is doing something wrong.

Character development is like water filled in an empty dam, with dam representing the character. As any normal movie progress character develops in my eyes and dam of emotions slowly starts to feel up, when they die poof!! all those emotions burst out from the dam and I feel sad about their death. It doesn’t happen in this movie. Not a single character is lovable not a single one, If this is a star wars movie then this movie was a mistake.

My next point will be that this movie does not feel like a star wars movie but just another sci-fi movie. I don’t know why but it doesn’t have the charm that star wars movie had, even goddam prequels had that charm. Maby it is because of the lack of lightsabers or lack of force. Might be because of lack of George Lucas. If this movie is star wars movie then it is a bad one, if it is not a star wars movie still it is below average. The only movement I had feels in this movie was the last entry of Darth Vader. Lighting, direction, sense of fear was absolute, that scene was so epic it made my spine shivered. If this movie was like that scene then this would have been the greatest movie ever created.

Overall it is not a bad movie but by the star wars standard, it is a bad one. It is still worth watching because of that last scene. Or maybe it is the greatest movie every made and because of my anime standards I didn’t like it, I don’t know.

Thanks, guys, let me know your thoughts on Rogue One. Oh, my god, Grammarly is telling me that there are 24 grammatical mistakes, hope you guys can read this without getting a headache.

Thanks, guys,


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Star Wars : Rogue One.

  1. This movie should have been named “Rogue One” A prelude to Star Wars IV.” I watched this with my sister (with my urging, of course) and she expressed it was a boring movie. She is not a Star Wars fan but she did enjoyed Star Wars ep VII and I also share the same opinions she have about the movie. The only thing I liked about the movie is that no Jedi was found in the main cast since I feel they are already over powered to begin with and it the movie gave importance to the ordinary people fighting a war, and that was a cool concept. I agree it was so boring during the first few hours but the real fun started when the rebel forces secretly infiltrated the enemy base for the last remaining minutes of the movie. I think this movie was made to make the fans feel at ease while waiting for ep 8 to be showed in the near future.

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