Some Legendary Underrated Anime.

Hello, guys so normally I don’t do list post, but today is an exception because today is my birthday and Chrismas in near. There is also another reason for this list. I am going to talk about every single anime listed below and show you the greatness behind it. So here are few underrated anime, in no particular order.

1. Selector Infected WIXOSS


Now on the front WIXOSS looks like a normal card anime and this anime is made to  promote a card game. However, after watching this anime you will have lost your appetite for that card game. This anime basically made me write my “I Hate Anime” post. So give it a try.

Be warned though this anime is not for everyone. You have to watch it with a philosophical view. This show is not about the story but moral behind it, it is about feels, not progression.

2. Tasogare Otome x Amnesia 


One of the most beautiful anime I ever watch, this anime is both beautiful in Art and Philosophy behind it. The direction in this anime is god-like and the feel Ohh the feel are just-just watch it dammit.

3. Nodame Cantabile


There is no single music Anime in existence that can come close Nodame Cantabile Every another music anime is trash in front Nodame Cantabile, Behold the true master of music anime. It is a music anime first and everything else later, unlike most other ‘music’ anime it doesn’t use music as an excuse for the story.

“In Nodame Cantabile, music is not part of story but story is part of music.”                                  –    Animeindianphilosophe

So forget about Your Lie in April and watch Nodame Cantabile.

4. Black Rock Shooter.


One of the greatest phycological anime hands down if not the greatest. I never saw anime that I couldn’t understand completely and I have seen a lot of animes, near 300+. I never seen an anime that traumatized me, made me cry, made me happy. I literally find myself shaking while watching this anime, I could make myself to watch it again but I will definitely watch again before dying. As you can guess, this anime is not made for everyone. But it should be watched at least ones by every Anime fan.

5. Capeta.


Capeta saved my life, It is the most inspiring anime I ever watched, also it is the most realistic sports anime I ever watched. I never liked Racing but after watching Capeta I learned to respect Racing as Spots. There is no greater skill than hard work and there is no bigger talent than loving what you do, love what you do and it will take you far that’s what I learn from Capeta. Forget animation and dive right into what I think as the greatest Sportsmanship Anime.

6. Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu.


Well what can I say about this masterpiece, Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu is about the rise and fall of Medium of Entertainment, it is about dying cultural values, it is about people trying to adopt or fight the change in era. Everything about this anime is masterful and innovative, unfortunately not many in the anime community will appreciate its innovation as it is mature and realistic not fancy. This anime is truly mature anime, not mature by what you see but mature in the sense of thinking and understanding of culture and art. Realism is the key to this anime. You must watch it if you don’t like the bullshit that is going in on today’s anime and if you bored of repetitive nature of todays anime, otherwise you may not like it.

So, guys, this concludes my post, happy holidays for everyone and wait for my in-depth analysis of these series. As always like, share, subscribe and don’t be afraid to state your opinion and let me know what do you think about the post, what animes you think are most underrated.


6 thoughts on “Some Legendary Underrated Anime.

  1. Giving some love to WIXOSS! I enjoyed the whole, “its about the players and their emotions rather than the game itself” aspect of it. It’s nice to get more underviewed works out into the eyes of others (also nice to see some love for Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu!). Capeta is the only one that I am not really familiar with at all, but the rest are interesting choices that I have yet to watch myself. Certainly brings them to attention when framed by the other two works I have mentioned.

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