Understanding Character Development

Character Development is not understood that well in anime community or any community for that matter. Today we will try to explore the depth of character development. Remember to open your mind and think about what I write and also think what you feel right, Everything written here are my own thoughts and humble try to understand this aspect of this artistic value. Let me know your thoughts in comments below. Let us get started.

In my view, there are two types of views to understand character development, one is literal(exclusive) and another is inclusive. let us start with the literal character development.

Literal character development.

As it sounds literal character development, is most easy to understand and easy to see. You can define it as –

“literal character development is the change of understanding of a character by the viewer in a period of time.” – Animeindianphilosopher.

Sounds mathematical enough, but it is very easy to understand. To put this in easy language. literal character development is how you feel towards that character changes over time. let us say that the character is a villain that you hate from bottom of your heart, as the story progress, you understand why the villain is doing those heinous crimes, so your understanding of that villain changes. As your understanding of that character increases, the good character might become bad and bad might becomes good. This is the literal character development, it is simply how your views towards the characters change as the story progresses.

Most people see character development in literal form, but I want to dig deeper. So now let us talk about inclusive character development. Unlike literal inclusive character development, it is not dependent on the viewer. If a villain has back story that explains why he becomes a villain in first place, then by the neutral point of view it cannot be called development because it has already happened.

Inclusive character development


inclusive character development takes the word ‘character development’ in the literal sense. It can be explained as follows.

“Character Development is the psychological and behavioral development of a character due to external stimulus in a period of time.” – Animeindianphilosopher.

This view makes it possible to study character development objectively. there are three parts to understand a character the level of thinking, the area of thinking and behavior. when you understand the character by three scales then you can detect the change in it. Let us address it one by one.

The level of thinking –

We all think about things and we all think differently. The level of thinking is the maturity of thinking about the single subject. To give you an example, when I was a kid I thought that India is the only country in the world where trees or any sort of greenery exists. I also thought that entire USA landmass is one big city. Of course, this isn’t true. There was a time when I though that without school I can’t achieve greatness and of course this isn’t true either. you can say that the level of thinking is the understanding of that character about that subject. As once buddha put it.

“The mind is everything. What you think you become” – Buddha

The area of thinking –

Area of thinking is as it implies, it is the amount of subject that a character can think. To give an example when we are kids, we think about playing, learning, nature, mother, and father. When we grow we start to think about love, future, we think about the nation, religion, money, politics. You got my point, the area of thinking is determined by how broad is our thinking, Well that doesn’t mean that we understanding those subject deeply that is where the level of thinking plays the role.

Behavioral Development –

Behavioral Development is the outcome of above two. We change due to external actions, our level of thinking rises or falls, our area of thinking increases or decreases and most of the time that leads to behavioral development either a good way or bad way.

That’s it, hope you got something out of it, please tell me your thoughts in comments below, like and follow if you like my content. Share if you want to spread knowledge thanks for reading.

“We are all subject to change. Even the tallest mountain will change over time, So why shouldn’t a fictional character? understanding this change is character development.” – Animeindianphilosopher.



9 thoughts on “Understanding Character Development

  1. This was a great post! Thanks for sharing! I’ve actually been looking into what really makes for character development since there are a few character’s I’d like to write about on my blog at some point.

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  2. Good post. I like fancy plots but if the characters remain flat from start to finish, I just drop the anime. Character development is important, no matter what type it is. Thank you for submitting this post to my blog carnival. Cheers!

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