Overlord : A Genuine Disappointment

After marathoning RE:ZERO I have been in a fever of SAO style animes. Firstly I wished to write about RE:ZERO but after watching Overlord my preference changed quite a bit. So let’s talk about Overlord in an analytical way.

Overlord is clearly influenced by SAO and Log Horizon. Overlord has overpowered hero like SAO, but its characters are decentralized just similarly to Log Horizon. Overlord takes the sweet spot between Log Horizon and SAO in terms of character building. Rather than being a hero-centric show like SAO or being a world-centric show like Log Horizon, Overlord mixes the fundamentals of both while retaining its own uniqueness.

Overlord boasts one of the best character designs I have seen in a long time. Note that character design does not mean character development, both are different. Overlords characters are unique and memorable even without a backstory. Their unique design reminds me of Nurarihyon No Mago, they are the definition of coolness, unfortunately, Overlord also borrows the flaws of Nurarihyon No Mago. Let’s talk about it at end of the post.

Overlord starts strong in the first episode, Normally all these ‘living in-game world’ type animes starts with the feeling of uncertainty, fear or despair, in the case of No Game No Life feeling of joy. Overlord does things little different, it starts with the comfy feeling. He basically comes in this game world in his guild hall, where he probably spent his most of the time while playing the original game, surround by NPC he and his friends created. This homelike feeling goes long way to ensuring the health of this anime. Unfortunately only first and second episode subscribe to this philosophy.

Overlords pull a large and loyal audience from these perks. I extremely enjoyed the first episode but all other episodes lack the atmosphere and development needed for this anime to become legendary. In the end, anime lacks character development, world development, plot development, the show literally starts as assuming it has done everything it could and in the end nearly nothing has changed. Given the slow paced flow of the show, it manages to stay enjoyable but bland in some aspect. A hardcore anime fan could not watch Overlord after first two episodes. What’s with these animes, they show much potential but fails to grasp it, it was same with SAO. Nevermind, Overlord is a dream come true show for me but it failed to deliver, too much plot holes, overpowered characters, lack of development breaks this show for me. I can only say that Overlord is a genuine disappointment.

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7 thoughts on “Overlord : A Genuine Disappointment

  1. I guess overlord did not meet your standards to the point your depressed or disappointed on the show. I have not seen this yet but I guess I will steer clear from this anime since Im not really a fan of shows where you play a game where your life is in constant danger…

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  2. it’ will be pleased for me if you will help me explain how this anime lacks character development, world development, plot development. I am not Overlord’s fan, but I want to know your opinion in full version.

    I heard overlord is novel too, so it means anime exists for promotion or not?

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  3. I didn’t make it through Overlord. The first episode was interesting enough but I just didn’t care what happened to anyone in the story so after a few episodes gave up. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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