Understanding One Punch Man.

One punch man is probably one of the most famous and hyped anime of all time. It exploded in anime community and is one of the few anime in past 3 to 4 years that provided a baseline for the people outside anime community to get into anime. One punch man is easily digestible for newcomers while being intriguing for hardcore otaku. It is this accessibility that provides one punch man a large cult following and its current status as savior of anime. How did one punch man achieve this? this is what I will try to explain today.

One punch man is many things, but one thing it is not is a superhero show. Yes, Saitama is powerful as hell, yes villains have weird design as possible, yes they both fight to the death and yes in the end hero wins. But one punch man handles this all extremely different that other superhero-based series.

One punch man explores the already saturated superhero market from outside with neutral and unbiased perspective. It shows the impureness of superhero world. It shows that how are true heroes left behind because of politics created by people who aren’t even worthy of calling heroes. Show comments upon people’s ignorance, who can’t even think with their mind. Show comments on how power and money corrupts even the absolute. The show shows that being nice will get you nowhere. One punch man builds a negative world where people expects themselves to be protected by hero association rather that fighting themselves and being grateful for people who fight to protect them. This is not the world of purity and justices where traditional superhero media boomed, It is the world of hardship and ignorance dictated by nature of anime. Hence one punch man is many things but not a traditional superhero anime. If it is something then it is a sandbox for superheroes.

In this world, two characters are very important, “Saitama” and “Mumen Rider”. Both have same heart and character, but there is massive power difference between them. The show experiments by asking the question, what is a core of hero? what makes a hero a hero? Let me ask a question before to you, what is a hero?


Does hero needs to be super strong, does hero need to have a good heart, does hero have to courageous and brave, does hero needed to be perfect in everything. The answer is simple and let me tell you what.

” A hero is not defined by his properties, but he is defined by what people think of him” – AnimeIndianPhylosopher.

In the end, no matter how good a person is his image is carved my society and people. You may think a person is good and is your hero but if the entire society is against him then there is no changing it. Of course, you can denounce my ideas with a different way of thinking(individualism) but that is the beauty of philosophy, in the end, it is the matter of perspective.

What one punch man tries to achieve is to put two heroes one with superpower and one with no power in the same scenario. Saitama although having superpower, good heart, and intentions is always looked over by people and heroes association, even if he is a hero just for fun but still he saves entire earth. On the other hand, Mumen Rider wants to be a hero not to be famous or make money, he truly wants to help people, and he does this in his own way. Still, he is looked over by people and hero association. Lesean learned here is simple there are true heroes with superpower and there are true heroes without superpowers we just can’t understand them. Heroes with superpower protect us from big threats, those can be politicians, superstar or even a person that was told to us evil by people. And there are heroes without superpowers those can be your dad, mother, friend who protects you from every harm possible. We just need to open our mind and we will find true heroes, This is what I think one punch man is.

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4 thoughts on “Understanding One Punch Man.

  1. Wow! I never thought I’d see One Punch Man in such a way, but you have really widened my perspective on the series! When I watched this series, I was mostly focused on the action and comedy, but this post of yours has truly brightened my view.
    Great post! Stay Awesome!

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  2. This is a really thought-evoking post. One Punch Man is super awesome. And people think it’s just a massive superhero anime. But it truly is mocking the genre. But the truth lies in the pudding. (Is that the phrase?) Both Saitama and Mumen Rider are awesome. They’re lion hearted in the center. The way the studio mixes mocking and loving these characters. Great post.

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