Kung Fu Panda 3: Sucks!!!

Very disappointing movie indeed. I was a big fan of the first movie and the second movie was good too but feel kind of unnecessary. Kung Fu Panda 3 neither have body or soul of Kung Fu Panda. So let us get to the point of this post here are the reasons why this movie sucks.

1. Jokes are never good when enforced.


The first rule of telling jokes is that they should be subtle and they should blend in the environment, Jokes should be used to enhance story and scene. Jokes in kung fu panda 1 mastered this perfectly, jokes were not enforced but blended in the scene perfectly. Remember the scene when Poo first entered the jade palace and tigers told him that he doesn’t belong there. In that scene, you can sense the Tigris thoughts and Poo’s thoughts, that scene while being serious was funny. This types of jokes are nonexistent in Kung Fu Panda 3, jokes exist in the movie for the sake of add jokes, they break the flow of movie instead of enhancing it and ruin the serious environment.

2. Lack of Serious Environment.


One of the main problems of movies directed towards kids, But they just doesn’t understand that seriousness in movies can be handled to fit both adult and young audience, they did it in their previous movies for gods sake. Kung Fu Pand 1 and 2 had handled seriousness very effectively without breaking down. The problem with king fu panda 3 is simple, It doesn’t address the fear, any type of fear in fact. Most importantly It doesn’t have the fear of death, death is the main driving force of human nature and it simply doesn’t exist in the movie. The worst thing that can happen to you is you will turn into stone and let me tell you even that is cartoonishly presented. As for the fear of death. I will talk about it in later, in a different post of course(so hang on).

3. Broken Villians Motivation.


(it just looks better in image believe me.)

Villain is probably the most important part in any story maybe even more important than the hero, and this movie fucked it up. Personally, I liked the visual design of Kai (name of villain), but they couldn’t able to give Kai a good backstory and character. His motivation for his actions seems bland and foolish. In the first movie, you knew why Tailong is angry with Shifu and in the second movie you knew the why Lord Shen killed all pandas. Here was a Kai good friend of master Oogway and randomly turns evil and starts to capture chi of animals around him, that is the most common and boring reasons why villains are villains in most of the boring movies. This pure black and white contrast is very common in western films but in this movie, it is very badly executed. I have an entire post dedicated to villains check that out for more enlightenment.

4. Emotionless Story


What will happen when a father and son meet for the first time in 10 to 15 years? In fact nothing, they just act like that it is an another day of their life with one person added to their life. Movies script is badly written (well it is better written than this post of course) to the point where you can’t even interpret what hero is thinking(in a bad way). There is no emotion involved in characters. When Tigress comes to tell Poo that Shifu and others are turned into a jade statue, she and Poo don’t react as seriously as they should, this kills tension and seriousness of the situation. In the end, you don’t feel a thing for characters.

5. Casualisation


This movie suffers from the dilemma that most other medium face today, that should we focus on idiots or should we focus on smart people. These companies think that there are more idiots in the world than smart people so their audience should be idiots which may be true as this movie received quite good reviews(or they paid reviewers). Soul of previous Kung Fu Panda movies was philosophical, these movies teched something new and valuable, even for gloomy adults it was inspiring. Any artistic work should contain a value, that value could be anything. That value can uncover secrets of life, It could give us joy, grief, anger, or relief, It can give us new and amazing ideas and provide an insight into the ways of the world or more importantly in ourselves. Sadly Kung Fu Panda 3 fails in all those aspects.

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4 thoughts on “Kung Fu Panda 3: Sucks!!!

  1. I like Kung-fu Panda 2’s story better since it was the most serious of all the films. Kai lools like a copy of Kratos from god of war and I was expecting a more powerful amd sinister looking baddie like Lord Shen but looks like it aint happening here. Yeah, KP 3 was filled with jokes but lacks seriousness although I believe any film company can make a good movie without the part where death is one of the themes but I suppose it should be placed there just like to mimic real life events. If there will be a KF 4, then I expect improvements.

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  2. Another fact that I don’t see a lot of people talking about was that KFP2 showed the secret panda village and acted like it was totally different than what we got in KFP3. Which pretty much disappointed me.

    They also missed an opportunity to have Jombie Oogway fight Shifu.

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