Nature of Darkness


Darkness is the most beautiful thing in the universe and probably least understood by us. Darkness is the shadow for us. Even in the brightest day our shadow exists, follows us where we go. Darkness exists in our happiest movement and never leaves our side.

It is ironic that a shadow cannot leave us but light can. In the darkest room, we know no light, only the dark that is the extension of our shadow. It is natural for us to have shadow and darkness in our heart, it is natural for us to feel empty inside and it is natural for us to regret what we have lost and overlook what we have gained. Because only darkness can pave the way towards the light.

Can darkness exist without light? And what is darkness?
If a person born blind and die blind does he know what is the dark and what is light? Darkness and light are opposite and one can’t understand dark without understanding light and one can’t understand light without understanding light. You will never know what is happiness is unless you have walked path full of pain. This explains why poor people are more content than rich people. Both are dual nature of the universe and human being, or are they?



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