What is the Appeal of Anime? (Part 1?)

In short, what makes you like Anime. As in my post about art, I said that art is subjective, and also can be explained objectively. So here is the objective part.

1. Anime is Different.


It is just different that any other medium out there, it is not bound by  culture, religion, ideology. It is free from any social expectations. Anime does not afraid to offend people of any race, religion, sex or culture. In the time of restrictive art, anime stands different from all other media of expression. ‘An art knows no bound’ this phrase is only true with anime these days. So here it is anime is different, it is free, it is the pure expression of self.


2. Anime represents our true selves and our inner child.

As a child, our imagination was very strong. We think ourselves from a dark villain to the hero of justice , We think ourselves from gods to demons, We think ourselves in the form of many things, as a child we have very powerful imagination. As we grow up, we were taught that this behavior was childish and slowly we have forgotten how to imagine great and unique things but only we can know what have we lost and what have we gain. That childish behavior that society will not accept is represented in anime very respectively. Everyone needs a child in their heart, and that child can only be accepted by anime. So anime represents our true selfs, our innocent self. Anime embraces me for what I am.


3. Anime shows us reality.


If any of you watched at least one anime, you know exactly what I am saying. Let us just forget about phycological animes, and talk about a “kids” anime Digimon. Even being made for younger audience Digimon does not afraid to tackle mature subjects. Unlike cartoons or any other mainstream movies, any anime will give you insight into your life and will give it positively. Not to mention phycological anime, those will grab your heart from the chest and will rip it off to destroy your false beliefs about the world. Handling these anime is a painful ride but worth it, these animes will help you to grow as a person. In my view, there is not a single medium of entertainment that will affect your life in a positive way as anime can.


4. It is unpredictable.


Anime is unpredictable as hell. If there are 10 movies out 100 that you can’t guess what’s going to happen next then there are 70 anime where you can’t guess what will happen next. This probably comes from cultural difference. Go watch anime for the first time and tell me if you can sense ending.

Well rather that talking about anime objectively I have talked about it subjectively, So now I don’t have any idea left to express in this post or I am just too lazy to write. Well nevermind me, what do you think? Why do you like anime?

these are just a few points if I have to write all points it will fill the entire book, so ya I don’t want to write a book, maybe I will come back on this subject later, let me know your thoughts. See ya

Thank you.


4 thoughts on “What is the Appeal of Anime? (Part 1?)

  1. I liked your list =) I especially liked when you said anime reminds us of when we were kids. When we were younger, we wanted to fly, go to new worlds and have powers. That’s one reason I really like anime. I could never get into too many reality based shows.

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