Is Art Objective Or Subjective.

Since the time Greeks and Indian philosophers people argue about human perception of Art.

“Art represent thoughts and habits of people living in that era”                                                    –   Animeindianphilosopher

In every era , Perception of the Art has created conflict between people. That conflict is still plagues humanity. Every Artistic materials has both supporters and opposers with critics from both side throwing rocks on each other.

So in totality we can assume that art is subjective. As all people have their own tests,So it is unnecessary to argue on behalf of Objectiveness of art. But wait, If it is true that people have their own perception of art , Then why specific Artistic materials is loved by all. Thus This contradicts the above statement.

To get to root of this debate we need to define what is perception of art. And what the hell is the perception anyway?DoVA_PerceptionReality_blog-e1426282109675.jpgTheir are debates between philosophers about perception and reality. And Their statements contradicts each other.

“All our knowledge has its origins in Perception”

– Leonardo da Vinci

So does perception reflect reality ? 

“Everyone is genius.

But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree,

it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein.

So does it mean perception and reality are two different things ?

Hear both of my favourite scientists are arguing against each other. It is harder than i thought.

Perception debate is off topic now, I will talk about it in different post. For sake of simplicity let us assume that perception and reality are two different things.

“Objectiveness of any artistic material, resides within peoples culture, habits, place of origin, language, ideology and experience of art” – Animeindianphilosopher.

For thousands of years people were divided from each other. East – west, Old world – New world, oceans, Continents, islands, Great rivers, Mountains, Deserts divide people physically,  ideologically, culturally and artistically.

You can find that certain group of people like or preferred certain type of art. So we can say that artistic preference and perception is related to persons ideological and cultural group. As it is also depend on his or her age. Generation gap is very important deciding factor in artistic perception. So now we can tell that artistic perception of a group can be decided objectively.

Humans are social animals, they like to live in groups and share thoughts. These causes people or entire group to adopt certain artistic perception, which we call fashion or mob mentality.


Another thing that we need to consider that the experience of a person in consuming artistic material. A low experienced person may like a certain artistic material and an experienced person may not like that material.

Not only experience but also your level of thought is important in your artistic perception. Level of thought is complicated subject but for now just take it as an maturity in your thoughts and idea.

Some artist will provide underlined message in their work. Sometimes that work can only be enjoy by people who got that message correct, Here you need level of thought to understand those things.Normally experience will provide level of thought but it is not always necessary. So an artistic work liked by you may not be liked by your friends.

mental state is also responsible for artistic perception. A person with clam mind can consume and understand clam music and heartwarming painting better than person with opposite  mental state. This is where genre come in, to help people follow their mental state.

But why some artistic work in specific genre consider by mostly people to be best in that genre, not every  work in that genre?

Well that is because that work is objectively better in that genre. When we talk about specific genre we expect certain things from it. So we can talk about that artistic work objectively because predefined properties of that genre. But when  an artwork do something different that predefined genres, that artwork redefine new genre.

This is how our society work, If we find something new and unique we try to objectively explain it.

In the end I think artistic perception is both objective and subjective. Because we like to learn and arrange things in orderly fashion. We human beings need to define everything, to do that we need Objective approach. But to enjoy an artwork we need subjective approach.What do you think? Did i get something wrong ? Tell me about it.

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