Villains and Us.

“Villains forges a man to become hero, Without villains there are no heros ”

– AnimeIndianPhilosopher.

Villains are tools used by writers to create the sense of fear, oppression and challenge. Villains are one of the most important part of any story. Even our life would be incomplete without villains. So let us talk about villains.

There are two types of villains first are forces of nature. These type of villains act as natural obstacles for hero, for example physical and physiological restriction. I will talk about it in another post.

Second are the personified villains . These villains are persons same as hero, only thing makes them different is that they stand on other side of wall. We are going to talk about these villains.

East vs West Villains Nature.


As difference in cultural values and religious values, east and west have develop different types of villains. Lets take a look.

In the west they developed what i called classical western villain archetype. Western villains are deeply rooted in christianity religion. They follow what i called black and white concept. Villains in the west are embodiment of evil, they are unhumans, they are the pure force of evil and heros are pure good in the world. This can be seen in most famous western media hollywood and strongly in superheros of western culture.



On the other hand east is the hotpot of culture and religion with tolerance. Villains in the east are same as hero just have opposite goals, while many times they even help heros, I call theis dynamic villain archetype. To take an example i will take two popular media those are Bollywood and Anime. Though Bollywood mostly use the forces of nature villains, but influence of both western and estern can be felt. If you move more to east you will find japan with its animes, Anime heavily use this archetype but also embrace western influence.

In this connected world gap between is closing and both sides make use of each others techniques. More on this later.

What Makes Villain a Villain ?


“Villains are pure expressions of ourselves and our thoughts ”

– AnimeIndianPhilosopher.

We all want to become a villain at least part of us, and we all are villains in someone else’s life without us noticing it. All of our radical ideas, all of our destructive thoughts and all of our foolish desires come together to form other part of us, a part that is evil, a part that is fulfilling role of villain in our life and giving us our personality. The greatest villain resides within us, it help us to grow, it give us feelings, without it we will be just a doll. Without sadness their can be no happiness, Without anger their can not be peace, Without pride their can be no progress, Without selfishness their can be no wealth, Without hate their can be no love , Without darkness there is no meaning to existence light and without death their can not be life. So without villains their is no meaning to life. Just like a video game is boring if it doesnt have some challenge same applies to life, life is boring without villains.

“A villain is just a victim whose story hasnt been told” – Chris Colfer.

Thanks guys i know i havent dig deep enough, but in my next posts i will talk about villains even more, they are interesting, follow if you want more. What do you think villain? do you like them or disgust them?

Thank you.


6 thoughts on “Villains and Us.

  1. Great post! I personally prefer the term “antagonist” rather than “villain” because for me word “villain” has such a rigid meaning—a villain is someone who is one-dimensionally bad and evil with no redeeming qualities or whatsoever. But anyway, I like the presence of villains in the story because if everyone is a hero, then it would just be boring. However, I prefer antagonists who I can sympathize with; characters that I can’t entirely hate even if they’re in the way of the main protagonist. This is because it creates more drama and suspense in the story and I enjoy that. Keep this up. Cheers!

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