Venturing Into The Unknown.

World is made of paths, Society is made of paths, Everything else is Unknown.


What is a Path?

Path is an concept, A concept which lead us to our goals without any obstacles or with less problems as possible. A path can be Religion, Ideology, Social Systems, Philosophy and All the things that humans do. We all follow paths every day that our predecessors, our ancestors. We normally get up in morning and sleep at night, this is an simple example of us following paths, I called this habit path. There can be many types but for this posts sake let us take look at Social Paths.

Social Path is behavior of masses of people in certain situation. For example, mass emphasis on education and Discrimination of certain race or ideology or vice versa .

Following The Path without Question –


Following others path without question is the cause of all the problems in the world. People do not question other peoples beliefs and ideologies and follow them blindly thus most people are used like tools by people who lead them to achieve their goal. Sometimes all people follow an ideology which has no use for our current world. For example education system which is created in industrial era to make people into mindless working machine, but that is subject for another time.

We humans are social animals, We follow our leaders, friends, parents and social norms. But why do we follow others? Why dont we make our own paths?

If a person is popular then he gets more popular by simply being popular, It is same with paths, We call this mob mentality. You may have heard that “strength lies in unity”. Yes strength lies in unity and strength gives us the feeling of security. We want to remain in group so we can feel secure. But should we follow path that other people create? Yes if you want to security, No if you want push boundaries of humanity

Beyond The Path –


Beyond the path lies unknown and all the adventures you can have in this world. You can learn anything and achieve anything even it is deemed impossible to achieve. People who dont follow others path will always be in lead, because they create new paths for people to walk on. But beware it is not easy to walk, With every step with every breath world will hunt you. People will try to stop you, and fear of separation form society will haunt you, yes fear of all thing you need to fear if you want to go beyond the paths. When you will pass that fear then you will become one of those peoples who change direction of humanity and become immortal within our memory. In the end people who opposed you will come to you.

I am leaving the Path –


Nearly a week ago I failed in 12th exams. And you know what, i do like learning new things , this blog is proof of that, but i hate hate studying for some stupid exams. I have always been weak at memorizing, i can remember everything if I am able to understand it and have fun while learning. I havent gone school for 7 years, never had any friends all this simply because l love learning not memorizing. Today I let go this all and start to walk my own path, Even if i experience hell i will continue to walk. I was never meant for education system with this i am free. Thanks guys.

“No one can save us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path” – Buddha.

Thanks guys, and sorry for this personal matter i just want to make my mind clear. What do you think? do you walk your own path? or follow others? what are your thoughts on the post?



4 thoughts on “Venturing Into The Unknown.

  1. My boyfriend had an interesting teacher in the 10th or 12th std who used to talk a lot of philosophy during class hours. He always said, ‘Learn what you are interested in and save your energy for it. Exams are overrated. It is stupid for everyone to aim for 95% and above. Just get enough marks to get to a college or enough to pass and make your own way. But learn. Don’t forget to learn.’
    So yes I agree. You need to choose your own path but careful. You don’t live in an island. When you are part of a society you can deviate from the common path only so far before it starts to take it’s toll on you. You will need a solid sense of self-worth to make it.
    You need to be able to stand up to your peers who will look at you differently, to parental expectations, to nosy neighbours, to condescending employers etc. You may think you are immune to it. But if things get hard, the silliest of things can break you.
    Most of my friends and I have chosen our own unique paths so I am giving you a fair warning from experience. When I set out, I never imagined the level of hardships I would go through. I don’t regret my decision but I know the importance of thinking things through completely before taking a new step. I hope you have done that too.

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    1. For wasting 18 years of my life in this system, i think i had enough of this education system. Fun fact, i submitted my papers for rechecking and they gave me zeros all over the places even if my answers are right, I will easily pass without even studying for 12th whole year. Rather than wasting my life for security that education will not give me, i will spend my life into unknown and will find peace in my heart and mind to be free form this world.

      As for society i dont care at all. In need they never helped me anyway why should i let them bother me when i am walking my own path, soon they will follow me.

      Thanks for advice, and yes truly learning is the most important thing world to me, but that depends upon defination of learning.



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