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Death is embodiment of all fears and all sadness. We all fear death in one way or another. In fact all of our greatest inventions and works are indirectly caused by fear death.

Fear is an interesting thing. We fear Insects, Snakes, Heights, Fire and Water. We fear all things that can harm us or cause our death. Funny isnt it, what that simply mean is that all our fears are their for us, to prevent our death. Insects can kill us so do snakes can kill us. Fire will burn us to death and so on, you get my point. But not only humans but also animals fears death. What the heck is the death is anyway?.

What is Death ?

Hmm never thought about that, well defining death isnt that easy anyway, still i will try my best.

“Death is the end of everything, Death is the beginning ¬†of everything and scientifically speaking Death is absence of Life.”

– Animeindianphilosopher.

Twisted logic on my part sorry for that, Let me explain –

What happens when we die? we simply stop existing. Our cells¬†stop¬†functioning, stops creating energy in form of ATP. To simply put kinetic energy in our body that sustain our¬†metabolic function and use chemical energy from outside to sustain itself just stops moving. When we die our body just becomes a chunk proteins, fats, molecules and whatever lies in our body. This substances becomes part of the world creating way for new life to form. So by above logic when we die we become chunk of materials that our body is made of. But –

What happens to our consciousness when we die?

An hard Q answer, I will ask you what do you think what happens?. As for my part –

Consciousness can be difficult term to understand and i may be wrong , But hear what wiki says.-

“Consciousness is the state or quality of awareness that is more advanced than the primitive awareness that insects have. Being conscious is also being aware of something within oneself, such as ideas and thoughts.”

– the good old wiki.

And i will say that –

Consciousness is the¬†awareness that one is alive”

– AnimeIndianPhilosopher.

Can ones awareness about life transcend through death. But death is the absence of life so how can we feel alive when we are dead?

Logically we cant feel alive when we are dead, can we?. In the end death is absolute end of our life. Or is it?

Life after death.

Death is the selling points of any religion. that is why christianity is the biggest religion followed by islam. As hell is where soul or body goes to pay for the sins committed in mortal plane or to haven  if they have followed the main religious books(bible ect.) and done good deeds. I think it is simply as mother saying that if you behave i will give you chocolate if not will see what happens(probably a long speech or an slap on face). So as you can see i dont buy in those ideas of hell or haven. But there is that.

Few religions like hinduism and¬†buddhism believe that there is an endless cycle of life and death thus goal of life should be to become free from this cycle of life and death which is called ŗ§ģŗ•čŗ§ēŗ•ćŗ§∑ (moksha) means free from everything.

Though many religions try to answer the death but i think that all are simply marketing scheme to promote their ideology. For example if i am not christian then by default i am bound to go to hell. What the hell? what have done in my life to offend the god. I dont care about any religion, If people are threatened with hell, scared people are bound to follow.But as human i have tendency to ask Qs. And i am not convinced that hell exist so i will take my chances.

As an skeptic i think there nothing exists after death,  but i also think something should exists, haha not going to know what exists after death until i die. So death will be very happy part of my life because i will know if something exists after death or not. Thats enough of my thoughts lets get more deep.

Life without Death.

some may say that it will be perfect world. But just think a minute what will be the world will like if we didnt die?. You measure the amount of happiness by amount sadness, you measure amount light by amount of darkness, you measure amount of wealth by amount of poverty. Life is all about contrast, humans cant comprehend the value of something with out the existence of opposite of that something. So life will not have any meaning without death and it will be hell on earth.

watch these two great videos for more. –¬†first, second.

Fear of Death.


Fear of death is completely¬†understandable. We as biological beings want to live no matter what be it in this life or the next. We just want to live no matter what, that desire for more is what make us fear life. But if I fear my death then i will not able to live my life. Fearing your lack of time in this world just make that time shorter because you simply pass your days fearing the death. As my mother once said. –

“What is the worst outcome you can have for failing”

I replied “It is the death”

Then she said –

“Everyone who has born has to die, Then why fear the truth wherever it be today or hundred years later.”

РMy Mother, (God vishnu).

Fear of death is strongly dependent on what you do with your life, do live your life to fullest? As.

“The fear of death follows from the fears of life, A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time”

– Mark Twain

So why fear death, guys just live your life fullest, death is an simply an¬†aspect of life. It will come to you eventually just embrace it as your own. Do not fear about your afterlife, do not waste this life for your afterlife. In the end –

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery, but today is gift. That is why it is called present.”

РMaster Oogway

Wear the death like badge, you will be freed from fear of death and even death will  ask you before taking you in her warm arms. Do fear any gods any demons any peoples because your life belongs to you alone. Do not let any god or any person to decide how you should live your life, because you are responsible for all good and bad things happened in your life, take you life in your own hands and live it to its fullest.

“People who dont believe in me are blessed, because they dont depend upon me and are free to choose their own paths, At end to realise that I am the end, I am the¬†beginning, I am everywhere,¬†they are me and i am them.”

РGod  Vishnu

Thank you guys, If i have offended someone i apologize. What do you think about death? Did you like post? Let me know your thoughts on Death? tell me in comments below. if you like my contains plz follow and shair it. Thanks.

Thanks guys and thank you 21 followers because you I was able find justification to write posts, Thank You.


12 thoughts on “Death.

  1. You have an incorrect reading of Christianity. Biblically, what saves a man from the fiery lake is not deeds, but Christ and faith unto him. Good deeds manifest from that faith and become a living sign of it, but it is not the following of Christian rules or creeds that saves someone.

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    1. Concepts of hell itself outrageous for me to avoid Christianity. And Christianity does not provide freedom for believer to follow any other path except praising god. I have problem with Christianity because they discriminate other religions and try to convert them with fear of hell and death. But every religion has used death to spread themselfs, problem lies when any religion show the fear of god and death to convert. Personally i dont think that people should forced with fear to adopt any ideas. Again ideas and religions are made for humans not other way around.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, i didnt mean to offend anyone, just sharing my thoughts on death and fear of death, and how it is used by people to control us.


  2. I always find the aftermath of death or death in itself, is interesting. We fear it because it is a constant state of darkness after. I shiver when I think of it.


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  3. Here is one for you.

    “We are all born fearless!” by Ranting Crow

    So every fear we have has been taught through text or what ever other source these days have that effect of us learning fear. Another way of simply saying; fear is men’s own invention.
    Even to fear death is not even your own fear. it is a projection of fear from others who do not want to lose something they love.
    We fear bugs or animals because we are taught they CAN kill, but forget they only kill for food and life.

    Whether death is the end will only be answered once we die, given that our soul or consciousness is still able to perceive it.

    To me it is a cycle of life where everything is connected. we die and our energy naturally flows into the surrounding. whether it is us being compost and bug food or a life source returning back to give life to others through unseen, uncharted ways we still can not even try to comprehend.
    Nature works as it does because it simply does. It is us who somehow think we can control it. And that is something we have taught ourselves the most. “That we fear that, that we can’t control.” and the end of life is just one of them.
    It is a balance of eat and be eaten to prolong life but ultimately die. But for some reason we frantically change the meaning of death, life and what not to suit our very own needs.

    So let me leave you with this.

    “I am already dead, I just try to fool myself with living.” Ranting Crow

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  4. I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your article! Tackling a subject such as death is very controversial given our diverse bloggers with different beliefs, so I’m impressed that you had the courage to charge on! However, I noticed a few flaws that you should be aware of:

    1). How can you know what happens once death occurs if you have never died before? The scientific observations of the process are accurate, but what about the soul (if you believe that it exists)? Without creating your argument around the presence of a God or that you yourself have already died, you logically cannot present your conjectures as fact.

    2). The word “conscious” was created with the intention of being aware of physical life on Earth. Again, you cannot assume that death is the end of everything for that person because there could be the possibility of a spiritual conscious.

    3). Because Jesus Christ is the center of everything within me, I wanted to correct you about your view of Him. Doing good works or following the law will never get one into heaven; only faith in God and what Jesus did on the cross will save you. And to be completely honest, I came as an ex-atheist to Christianity not from the fear of burning forever in Hell but instead desiring the love of the Father. Not all followers of Christianity are concerned entirely about Hell and if you decide to give your life to Him you will discover that serving God is the most enjoyable thing in the world!

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