Anime Piracy – A Foolish Rant.

Hmm we all hear about this subject and we all do what needed to be done. Piracy is never a good thing and you need not to be a christian to understand that(We are all humans man).

To understand this from my perspective i will have to tell you my backstory.

I am from India, I am currently learning Programing and want to be a game dev. I do not have any income i am completely depend upon my mother and father.

I love anime from my heart, If i ask my father to pay for my anime he will do it, but it will take half of our income then how will we feed ourself ? , also he have burden to pay for my study.

If you cant pay , then dont fucking watch anime!!!

Yes i dont have money to support anime industry, all i have is my good will, People leaving in first world country will never know what is means to starve. Yes if from tomorrow i stopped watching anime i simply have to commit suicide.

You know what, i dont care about your morals, What the fuck are morals anyway? If someone is dying from hunger and you have last bread left to help that person, if you help him your family dies of hunger, if you dont help that person will die. Hahaha it doesnt make any sense if you dont give food you are committing a sin by killing that person, if give him food you are killing your family and committing a sin. It is hilarious, If you are saying that morals are good things, I think they are just human beliefs about good things. Where did christianity morals go when they massacre people in the name of religion not only christianity did it but most of religions also did it. We are all humans we are not demons without morals if we dont agree to your ideology. You know what morals can just die.(I do not hate christianity, i love jesus as a person but i hate what his followers create to use in the name jesus to blind people).

I am an programer and want to be a game devloper. If some people cant afford my work but love it, I would gladly give my work for free to those people.

Sorry for this post but i have to get my thoughts out of my head. If i have offended anyone plz smak my head. It feels good when my mind is empty.


It is definitely bad to pirate anything. But in my personal point of view is if something is bad then try it out for free before buying, If you dont have money now dont worry, watch anime and when you will have enough money buy everthing you watched.

When see a great work of art, even when you dont have any money, you will still stand behind that artwork promoting it for all of your life, praising the creator to heaven. As an aspiring creator their nothing more important for me than the someone enjoying my work, and i know when i will need them they will support me with all their might.



I thank you all with all my heart for reading my immature and naive posts.

If i have truly offended someone, plz dont feel bad these are only my thoughts you are free to follow your own.

“If ones way is towards truth, then one do not need to fear outcome. But all ways that doesnt lead to truth will burn” – Chanakya.

Thanks to the 10 followers who think that my posts are worth reading, Sorry for this post does not match my style, what do you think about anime piracy? or about any piracy..


13 thoughts on “Anime Piracy – A Foolish Rant.

  1. Hey we can rant. and as much as I do try to support some prices are insane.
    there is also the fact something isn’t always as easy to come by.
    It is not right but even we had a christian pastor who said it it okay for a mother to steal bread if her children are hungry.

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  2. This is in no way a foolish rant, we all deserve a good rant every now and then! My little bro wants to be a game developer! Its a hard field to get into, so good luck to you! 😀

    When I was younger I would watch anime on YouTube or streaming sites…I couldn’t pay for them back then so I had a tendency to watch what I could when I could. Now that I’m older, I still don’t “buy” anime in the traditional sense. I have a paid subscription to crunchyroll and that is where I watch most of my anime now a days.

    I’ve seen the cost for anime DVD sets…it’s super expensive, so I can understand folks not wanting to pay for it, especially if it’s a choice between food and an anime.

    I really appreciate this post, it definitely gives a different perspective on the Piracy issue! Great post, keep up the good work!

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  3. If you wanted to contact me about your personal opinions about anime piracy, Christianity, or anything else, please contact me at Your article has been used as a personal attack against me and I don’t think that this drama needs to be exposed to the WordPress community. Let’s talk about it as human beings and be friends, alright?

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    1. sorry about that, I know my post was too offencive i apologies for that. It will not happen again.
      I am an newbie i dont know how to handle these feeling.So plz fogive me.

      Religion is always been very tense subject for me, I often come to blows with my family due to my atheistic ideology. I am an science man who likes to think over all things, so most of the time religion does not make sense to me, that doesnt mean i always hate religion, i love meditation even it is just a placebo effect, but it works.

      Your post about anime piracy had offended me in many ways.
      First of all and most important is when you said – “only when I had a conversion to Christianity did I see the flaws in my actions.”
      I think that is offencive to all people who think that all humans are created equal and to all those who does not have label christian. I think you do not need to be christian to see flaws in wrong doing. As i said morality is just human perception of good(Well we cant even decide what is good and evil). Thats it.

      I know my actions were childish to counter your arguments by posting my own post. I have to get those thoughts out of me so did it without even thinking, thats why i said it is a foolish rant. I just flown in my emotions without thinking logically to respond to you in person. It will never happen again.

      I think this debate will not go anywhere, But plz plz do not call people who doesnt follow your religion unmoral(You did said that indirectly ). Even if you do i will not respond like this foolishly. As a friend i only ask you to show respect to other peoples beliefs and embrace your own thats simple.

      Thanks my friend, I truly love your post which you write with all your heart, I personally cant write anything good with my heart(That doesnt mean i cant write, but cant write anything good). my mind always sticks in(Thats bad). But this time i write everything with my heart so everything is so conflicted.

      Your points are valid thanks for supporting me, I have learn many things from you, Next time this mistake will not occour.
      Thanks. and sorry for inconvenience.


  4. Don’t worry about it! I’m glad that you apologized and that we can get along again! I understand your ill feelings towards religion and Christianity; I used to be an atheist not that long ago. I knew every argument about morality, absolute truth, etc. So I’m not ignorant to what you are saying and I know the perspective that you come from.

    “Before I was saved, I used to binge watch entire shows through Kissanime and only when I had a conversion to Christianity did I see the flaws in my actions.” This was a sentence that I used to explain how I came to the morals that I hold about stealing, not to say that humans are unequal. In fact, I believe that because mankind is made in the image of God, we all reflect His character and personality, which is why we have senses of right and wrong. Sin and shame taints what God originally designed and now it has become to where “everyone has their own morals”. You do not have to agree with me but I promise that I meant to ill will with this sentence.

    Also, do not be afraid to write a piece against Christianity. I believe that challenging ideas and philosophy is a great way to gain some wisdom and spark interesting conversation. However, I think that you should keep it to where you do not have to bash another person in order to get your point across. The “flaws” that you pointed out about Christianity were not invalid (although I believe that there are answers to every one of them) and I wold encourage you to discuss them. I actually plan on writing a piece about my experiences as an atheist in relation to Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and how I intellectually became a Christian, so know that I will be challenging ideas as well.

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  5. I always believe it is important for an exchange to happen. But it is with topics like piracy that my conscience and my logic keeps conflicting. Especially with really good anime that comes along…., there is definitely a desire to show appreciation by paying for it even though my financial situation doesn’t allow it. I think the intention counts.

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