Digimon :A Nostalgic Tribute.

Whenever i think of Digimon  i think of my childhood. Digimon is one of the first anime i ever watched. When i think back i am filled with love for Digimon and our eight hero.

Digimon was something different from start that other anime from that time. While in Beyblade,Duel Masters, Pokemon and DBZ  heroes main goal was to be the best and in Doraemon, Perman , Kiteretsu and Kochikame heroes had no goal.

In Digimon our heroes are stuck in digital world and they want to get out. This goal seems more organic to me and hooked me in series until second season. After second season i eventually lost interest, until now.

I love Digimon Adventure and as now Digimon Adventure tri is out i thought that i should try it out. After watching series yesterday i can say that it good at least for me. After watching episodes i ran to youtube to find full Opening Theme.

In comment section i found about Kouji Wada death. It was sad truth, I spend entire day in grief. Butterfly was the one of the first anime song that i loved. All i can say to Kouji Wada and Digimon that you made my childhood, without you I may not be my current self.Thanks.

I hop Digimon continue as an good series in the form of Digimon Adventure tri.



2 thoughts on “Digimon :A Nostalgic Tribute.

  1. I really like how your blog is set out, the shows on your mention, most are from my childhood favourates as well as current ones.
    Love your writings! Keep going bud! – Cezane

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