Why do you enjoy Sword Art Online?

We all love and hate SAO.I have seen many people who will praise it to heaven.And some will hate it to the hell.

We all can agree that SAO is one of the most controversial show.As for me, I like the show for its Artwork and hate it for its pacing.Wherever you like or dislike the show,it is true for all of us at least enjoy some part of it.

Most of great critics talk about how the SAO was bad.Even when newcomers to anime like it a lot.Lets talk about the positive aspects of the SAO ,lets put hatred aside for now.What i will talk now will be my opinions ,if you find something wrong and missing from my statements plz tell me about it.

“To understand something in literature you need to understand the root of happiness you get from it.” – Animeindianphilosopher.

Rather than finding why we hate it,we need to find why we love it.

SAO is an anime about Superheros.-

maxresdefault (2).jpgIt will be hard to believe for some of us.

SAO have everything that a superman movies will have.

  • It has that heroic feel.
  • It has that surge of power and invincible hero.
  • It has that awkward romance.
  • It has that feeling of love towards what hero is trying to defend(Dont lie we all know that you like Asuna).
  • It has that fear of failure and doom of the world.(at least in video game).
  • It has that feeling to overcome an impossible situation with shear power of will.

Everyone wants to become the superhero.And sword art online provides the surface for that dream to grow.Kirito is an Ideal hero.He is like a jams bond cool, powerful, romantic(i dont know about that lol:)and caring.

When you start watching SAO,In first episode it create a sense of urgency.In next episode you pretty much start to like Kirito and keep watching because of beautiful artstyle.Slowly we find ourselfs immersed in world of SAO due to artstyle(not lore).After sometime we find Asuna is becoming more and more lovebel person,We find ourselfs in SAOs trap.Without even noticing we start cheering for duo.sword_art_online_kirito_and_asuna_wallpaper_by_theandreu44-d8t05t2.jpgI think it is the beauty of director Itou Tomohiko that he makes a simple and sometimes boring storylines good and interesting.Same he did with Erased.

Kirito and Asuna takes the break from fighting and retired to their home.This is when their relationship is truly build up.Asuna rides kirito and all that good stuff.Most biggest thing that happens in their relationship is Yui.Kirito Asuna Sword Art Online Alfheim Online Wallpaper [ www.animeversus.blogspot.com ].jpgAn AI that they adopt and treat as their own child.This is when we can see maturity in our characters.Characters start to sing at this point and you starts to fall in love with Yui Asuna and somewhat with Kirito.It keeps you hooked in.

In the last episode when Asuna die i paused the episode and just cried.That love with Asuna as a characters was enough for me to keep watching Season 2.

I think that show just sings with you inner teenager.It give us the glimpse maturity with retaining the foolishness of young blood.Yes it is an superhero anime ,it have same values, same idiocy, same overpowering bullshit.We all know and love superheros and this love of them makes us love and hate Kirito but…

Kirito doesnt have any character development,why is that did you ever questioned?

Kirito is like a perfect superhero without any negitive emotions,without any regrets.He is just perfect blank slate.Do you ever wonder why you hate and love him?

Because you are trying and wanting to be just like him.A perfect man who have everthing in his pawn.Thats the beauty of his character that anyone can relate to him.

I think what we all critics are expecting from first episode that this anime will be an psychological action anime.And we were wrong.

“With beautiful environments SAO catches our mind,With our dreams it grasps our attention,With well designed characters it hugs our heart,With dumbness it awakens out Inner child” – AnimeIndianPhilosopher.

SAO still have many problems but this is a positive post,So all bad things i will rant in other post.

This is an sensitive subject Do not hate on me for it,If you dont agree do comment on it.If their is something wrong in my post plz give me advice.As i have try to improve my writiing in this post,what do you think is it development or just as bad as before?,If you like what i said in blog leave a like and follow me,also share this post.Thanks for reading .Bye.sao___bye_by_wesleychen-d5izgb1.jpg


5 thoughts on “Why do you enjoy Sword Art Online?

  1. Oh. This is a much better post than the one you submitted for my blog carnival. My main issue would be that there are no spaces between sentences. Try to pay attention to that next time, but overall it’s not bad. Just keep it up.

    As for SAO, I’ve been wanting to watch this for so long now. . .and Log Horizon, too. I started watching the first episode but it seems that I couldn’t get into the mood to enjoy it, so I ended up dropping it. I’ll take it up again eventually. We’ll see.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Arria I will try that out next time.

      And SAO is not that good to be honest.Still some people enjoy the show and all this post is about why they enjoy it.
      As for Log Horizon you should definitely what that,It is a great anime(At least first season..).

      Thanks again for advice and reply.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome. Hmmm. I hear people saying that these two are quite similar, although yes, you’re right. It seems that they prefer Log Horizon over SAO. But I won’t know until I watch both of them myself. We’ll see.

        Liked by 1 person

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