Hai to Gensou no Grimgar How to Stab Yourself in Feet.

I am so happy i got my first followers.I hop i dont get too cocky.

Grimgar hmm where to start,I watched first episode when it came out and stop watching,but my friend like the show so i cant ignore that,so i watched full show quickly and i came with conclusion that it is boring as hell.

Grimgar tries to portray itself as spiritual successor of SAO,Log Horizon and Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon but not only as typical game/survival/fantasy but also as physiological anime in general.And fails spectacularly.

I think that story is ok ,well ok in the the type that it can become a painfully average anime ,so where does it fail?

In many sector and mostly in direction ,effectively in music direction.Music is very important in invoking feeling in an scene, wherever it be action or a sad scene,music does not do justice to supposedly sad,painful,heroic scenes and that very very killing for the show.And the faces ahh they are static as hell.Sadness,Happiness,Fear all emotions does not have much difference,so it kills the scene.Look at below images which seems more in grief .


I think that the producers decided that every department should work independently.There is no coordination in music department,direction,environment,voice acting,story board and animators.It is like skeleton with broken bones that cant even stand on its two feet.

Environment is also an important part in anime for immersion this is where anime feels most disconnected to its motive,Grimgar trys to tell the story of a dark fantasy of the world where a single mistake could kill you and where your nothing but thrash if you dont have money.But in show the world is a colorful, is made to fills you with emotions of happiness rather than fear or harshness ,it just doesnt fit the world and insults characters and tense scene lose their credibility and turns them it no non-emotional crying baby.

Characters are monotone making then unlike_bel.you got your typical hero,heroine,A fat guy(No offence i am fat too),a hot headed dude and a gentle guy.This monotone makes this show very boring.Because of this when they die your heart dont move an inch.Screenshot_7.pngAs a gamer and anime fan,this anime fails in every aspect of gaming and anime.

Is it bad then?,Ahh no my friend liked it and dont that doesnt mean it is bad.I think the problem this anime have is that of the following.

“If you try to do many things at once you will fail more likely,But if you take it slowly and try to do one thing perfectly you will fail less likely” – animeindianphilosopher.

As it seems that Grimgar trys to be both grim fantasy and colorful fantasy that is like mixing oil in water,It will not work no matter how hard you try.

In summery it shot itself in foot by doing as something foolish as mixing water into oil while providing poor direction,music,background,lore for the world,voice acting,animation.And most importantly treating its Characters like trash,which is bad very very bad As i will say.

“Treat your characters nicely and they will become alive and sing with you, treat them bad and they will be worst than dead.”  – animeindianphilosopher/Chiyo Sakura.

In the end all i can say about this anime that it is just boring painfully boring.I may be wrong what do you think about the show? did i get something wrong ?if so tell me about it.Thanks for reading.Bye.



3 thoughts on “Hai to Gensou no Grimgar How to Stab Yourself in Feet.

  1. Hello there. Thanks for submitting this to my blog carnival. And let me welcome you again to our anime community here in WordPress. I hope that you enjoy blogging here with us.

    Anyway, back to your post. First of all, let me just say that it’s okay to feel happy and proud in acquiring followers. You earned them, so go ahead and do your victory dance. As for the rest of the post, the writing definitely needs a lot of work. Just focus on improving it and you’ll get better once you write more posts in the future. 🙂

    I personally haven’t watched this series yet, but it’s on my super long to-watch anime list. We’ll watch it one of these days. . .although now that I read you saying it’s boring, I’m not that enthusiastic about it anymore. . .but I’ll still watch it when I’m in the mood because I want to form my own opinions.

    Lastly, just have fun and let it show in your posts. Don’t forget to enjoy yourself because if you’re enjoying yourself while writing these posts, it’s going to show and your readers will enjoy your posts, too. Keep on watching anime and blogging. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks sensei from now on i will try to improve myself,And i will enjoy my self writing,And Should i write positive post?.I think this post was negitive than my previous posts and i also havint had fun writing it,I was just trying something new.Sensei how can i improve my writing and what should i write a negitive posts or positive ones which suit my style?
      thanks for advice.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahaha. Please don’t call me “sensei”. Just call me Arria, okay? You don’t have to write positive posts to enjoy yourself. As long as you feel passionate about what you’re writing, I think you’ll learn how to enjoy yourself more. It’s good to try new things, especially when you’re just starting out. Just write whatever you want to write and you’ll eventually know which kind of posts you’ll be good at. Just keep on writing and don’t give up. That’s the way to improve. Anyway, you’re welcome. Cheers!

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