Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu New Direction For Anime Industry.

Anime is concluded and what an anime was this,If i say it is the best anime of season i will not be wrong.Where Erased fail in story Shouwa has come on top.For me personally it is the most interesting anime i ever watched.This anime is also one of the most underrated anime in industry.It does something different than most other anime which have their own consistent universe,typical storylines with some predefined genre.It is an artistic anime yet realistic in nature.It got that spark that anime industry is looking for since Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.If you did’t watch it then i will say go right now and watch it with empty mind.Lets start analysis.

“Few extraordinary people will create new paths for all people to walk,It is always been and always be like that” – AnimeIndianPhilosopher.

History is shaped by great people with unique thoughts.It is also true with entertainment industry wherever it is anime,books,games or movies.After Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya anime industry followed.Same with Dragon Ball Z,Akira and many other great anime. industry evolved to grasp those new ideas in to medium.What does Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu do new to help medium advance?

Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu have soul of anime but body real life.Though it is not intense in real life terminology but it implements that terminology quite delicately that you wouldn’t notice even when you are affected by it in the show.Characters behave like real people you can relate to them and their habits,They feel like alive and not some kind of cartoons on which emotions are syntactically printed on,Their are no comic reliefs here which allows characters to build up their well character,they do not sound like an comedian and does not break plot with unrealistic animation(pictures) jokes.That does not mean that show is dry ,instead of Tom and Jerry kinds of jokes ,Show uses more fluid method of using words to lighten environment.This approach however used in very few anime but not very efficiently,In my knowledge only ‘daily life of highschool boys’ and ‘Nichijou’ use this technic often.

Characters and Environment maintain their seriousness,Lets take look at 13th episode when Yotaro proposes,Konatsu In any anime female character would have slapped hero and scene would have ended with a joke without even considering the characters fellings.    but it does not happen that way.Konatsu just get angry and leave room without saying anything.I think thats how i would have reacted in her character.So her headstrong personality fits this reaction quite good.Screenshot_3.png

I think there are not a single anime that tackle the subject of traditional Art and culture like this,it has huge similarities with traditional drama from my country.If you are from India and especially from Maharastra you will know what i am taking about.It is also closer to japanese culture than western.Terminology like student and teacher relationship, friendship,Being true to your predecessors art even it is doomed to fail,Doing something that elders ask without questioning.These values are often found in many eastern cultures which makes it closer to our hearts and some thing different and unique for western cultures.Lets get back to subject!

This anime is timeless anyone can enjoy it if they dont have hearts made of stones.It dosent fit any genre,well you can call it an thriller, slice of life, dram, mystery , comedy, romance or even an sports anime .But it doesnt fit it is something different something genreless and timeless.It is something new for anime industry an odd ball where hero doesnt have to bound by age 18, friendship is like real friendship it transcend through time,Love is more complicated than “I love you You love me lets get married”not that kind of thing, Achieving something takes years of practice and even that wouldnt take you far, Just like in real life to master an art you not only need to be good in it but also need to devlop your own style.Just like in real life old style of art crumble and new takes its place, And artists related to that art struggle.

All shonen animes should learn from this anime how friendships should work.rakugogal1.jpg

Anime is something different and i think this is the direction that anime industry should go and aim for.Simplicity and Depth thats what we need now,For past one year we are hearing from many legends in anime industry that anime industry is dying and i think they are right, their is nothing new happened in past few years.All new animes are mixture of old.This sure thing formula is hazardous for industry and is killing it due to lack of creativity.Same thing is happening with AAA game industry.I dont think that all anime should change but new types of experimentation should be allowed.

Their are many factors i can talk about this masterpiece but i am running out of time tomorrow i have attain an exam.So i will take leave now ,If you want that i should do more of this Analysis make sure to follow ,like and share.I just get and good reason to wright more post if someone is reading it.And suggest subject for my next post.Please point out my mistakes so i can improve myself.Thanks what do You think about this anime will it make difference in anime industry leave comment so i can understand your point of view Bye.Screenshot_4.png


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