Why Erased Succeed ?

Erased is one of the animes that show much potential in start but fail to perform.This trend of good anime turning bad is common.Besides this the that fact Erased turn out to be an Average or Bad(Depending on your test.) anime cannot be denied.Either way it was anime that hooked me from first episode(Just like SAO) and i will try to answer why it is still regarded by many as best anime of season(Even when ending sucks).

(note: Everything i will explain will be my opinions)

Lets start from episode 1,we are introduce to our hero Satoru a failed manga artist and within 5 min we are given a demonstration of his power,notice that the revival is explained in an easy to understand language (not like stains gate).with flashy special effects you can easily spot the event and know from the start what is going on, remember this point it will come out later.Screenshot_1.png

After that first episode just go as usual slice of life anime but with some mystery of  our heroes past. Satorus mother figure out Something about that mystery and in end of episode she is murdered by criminal.i loved Satorus mothers character from start , she was caring and good person,Her murder happens so fast and dramatically that i cant see its coming This is where show builds tension.With last scene so epic i jump on hype train,this is where show takes you to a roller coaster ride where you just cant stop watching this show.

Tension build on first episode is quickly release as we see Satorus mom in older world.As episode progresses as typical slice of life anime with some mystery elements added to it,Even with everything returning to normal we feel Satorus resolve to stop that event from occurring.And in this episode we are shown Hinazukis back story and builds her character in loving way,in the last scene we get to know will happen if Satoru fails in dramatic way,At this point we are attached to Satorus goal to save Hinazuki and his mother.

Remember the pattern of above episodes and is also correlates with every other episode of this anime,Director Tomohiko Itou always use this kind of strategy in his anime.The pattern of Tension and Relaxation creates a sensation of urgency and hype for “what will happen next” kind of thing.

Another important point is as i said before all mechanics of his time traveling power and plot is easy to digest.That make it easier to understand even for little child and sets entry bar very low for anyone to get in,It is like casualization of anime.

Story by my standard is not so impressive,Music is good and Directiction is where this anime shines.In episode 7 killer comes into bus to store his tools of trade and Hinazuki is their hiding behind the curtain man! that was the most tense scene And after that tense in episode 8 when Satoru take Hinazuki to his home to get his mothers help that was most relaxing scene in anime.This quick trasmission from tense to relax mode and vice versa makes you watch even you know who the killer is.This formula is applicable to many anime,especially common under Direction of Tomohiko Itou.Screenshot_1.png

I think Directer did very well job to convert uninteresting and even outright boring story into such amazing thriller anime,I am not here to say why Erased bad or good I am here to say why people watch it in the first place even when most of people know who the villain is.

So guys those are my thoughts about Eraze,Thanks plz leave comment and tell me what do you think about my analysis and correct me where i am wrong.And suggest me what to do next?




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